Experience UMKC Night at the K

Roo News Staff Writer RobyLane Kelley details her experience of UMKC night at the K.

RobyLane Kelley, Staff Writer

 UMKC Night at the K was one of the best experiences I’ve had since I moved to Kansas City last June. 

  When I found out that the Royals were playing the Braves, I was elated. My first baseball game was the same teams, but a completely different outcome. I remember the Braves losing, but that’s about it. I will remember April 14 as a night on my feet in the best kind of way.

  Students and alumni bustled around in their “Go Roos” jerseys and free UMKC swag as soon as they entered. People seemed excited as UMKC’s Chancellor C. Mauli Agrawal tossed the honorary first pitch.

  I was in line getting my dad his crinkle fries from Chickie and Pete’s when the National Anthem started. It sent chills down my spine how everyone stopped, including the cook who was, I’m sure, burning a Philly cheesesteak. At the end of the hymn when the UMKC Conservatory student sang the final words, the fans of the Atlanta Braves, the Royals’ opponents, chimed in and the stadium was once again booming. That is until the Braves got up to bat.

  I was getting barbecue sauce when I heard the first crack. The Braves scored their first home run, and Kansas City fans seemed to lose hope fast after giving up four runs in the top of the first inning. 

  As a fan of both teams, I had a great time regardless of the score. I’m really glad I was there for this game. There were a number of times I was out of my seat screaming.

  If they do another UMKC Night at the K, it would be great if more students filled the seats. The tickets were affordable, the jersey is adorable, and it’s a great way to spend a Friday night. All of the free stuff was a broke college student’s dream. My family left with four towels, three flags, two jerseys and a Disney Roo alumni pin.

  The band and singer put on wonderful performances. My dad couldn’t believe that the band was made up of students, the singer sent chills down my spine. It was amazing to see how much talent we have on campus.

  My only qualm is that the Royals fans had no spirit. The Braves were cheering and yelling, drunk or not, while the Royals only seemed excited to see that Chiefs coach Andy Reid was shown on the big screen. Every time they vamped for fans to chant, “Let’s go Royals,” the organ would go through once and then die. I tried to chant a second time, but stopped because no one else seemed to care. 

  More student involvement with student night would be great. I’ve never been to a game where I actually knew the people on the big screen. I kept telling my parents who I knew and from where. It was fun to see everyone in their matching jerseys too. Who knows, maybe if I had sat in the student section I could have riled everyone up and started a wave. 

  Maybe we can do UMKC night with the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Now, that’s a game that would sell out.

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