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With an increased focus on community, the Chancellor hopes this change will create a space for students to gather together

51 and Done

Jack Venable and Tim Williams
October 3, 2023

  UMKC announced plans to turn 51st Street into a pedestrian zone closed to vehicle traffic. The change aims to improve walkability and create a central hub for student gathering and community.   The pedestrian zone is planned to span multiple blocks from Rockhill Road...

Photo of the Rockhill Parking Garage on Charlotte St.

Opinion: Parking Sucks

RobyLane Kelley, Staff Writer
October 1, 2023

  Parking on campus sucks, and it costs as much as a textbook.   As a student working two part-time jobs, living in the big city on her own, I have to make decisions about what to spend my money on. Unfortunately, I don’t actually get to decide.   I work on UMKC’s...

Chancellor Agrawal’s Vision for UMKC

Chancellor Agrawal’s Vision for UMKC

Ellen Beshuk, News Editor
September 25, 2023

  With five years behind him, Chancellor Agrawal looks forward to growing community connections, increasing research funding, and developing UMKC’s campus for future Roos in his next half decade with the university.  Community Connections    The recent Chiefs partnership,...

Opinion: UMKCs PAL Program Nurtures Success and Community

Opinion: UMKC’s PAL Program Nurtures Success and Community

Jarrod McDaniel, Staff Writer
September 24, 2023

  In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, the transition from high school to college can be a daunting experience. It's a phase where newfound independence is coupled with academic challenges and personal growth.    At UMKC an invaluable resource exists to smooth...

UMKC’s New Tuition Pricing Model

UMKC’s New Tuition Pricing Model

Jacob Loesch, Staff Writer
September 24, 2023

  The UM System enacted a new model for tuition pricing this semester where students will be charged a single rate based on their major. Unlike the old system, where prices would differ depending on the subject being studied, the new one contains a set price for every class.   Previously,...

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