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Taking place from June 7-9, the event featured performers, businesses and other organizations.

Kansas City PrideFest: A vibrant celebration of love and acceptance

Catie Walker and Evelyn Berger
June 11, 2024

  Kansas City celebrated the LGBTQ+ community at the 47th annual PrideFest and parade this weekend at Theis Park.    “Pride gives the LGBTQIA+ community a place they can go if they are not fully supported by their own community,”said Amelia Horsley, event attendee....

UMKCs partnership with the Kansas City Royals began in March.

UMKC’s Sports Partnerships Raise Questions About Campus Investments

Evelyn Berger, Roo News Intern
April 30, 2024

  UMKC expanded its partnership track to include the Royals last month, solidifying partnerships with all four professional sports teams in Kansas City.   The university's partnership with KC’s four professional sports and other brands like Boulevard Brewery Company...

The topic has circulated the Internet with scientists weighing in.

Students Weigh in on Charlotte the Stingray’s Pregnancy: Shark-Ray or Asexual Reproduction?

Maisy Blanton and Evelyn Berger
March 10, 2024

  Charlotte, a round stingray at an aquarium in North Carolina, has become pregnant despite not having a mate for eight years now.    Scientists are confounded by this phenomenon, and many speculate that her two male shark roommates are possible fathers.   The alternate...

A RooFit Yoga class led by Maggie Coomer.

UMKC Students Find Tranquility and Strength in RooFit Power Yoga

Evelyn Berger, Staff Writer
February 29, 2024

  RooFit offers a variety of free workout classes for students to help with the everyday stresses of being in college.    From cardio to yin and restorative yoga, the classes become both physical exercise and a mental sanctuary. Instructor Maggie Coomer started leading...

Potholes near Johnson Hall on Oak Street.

UMKC Students Face Bumpy Commute as Kansas City Roads Struggle with Potholes and Weather Challenges

Evelyn Berger, Staff Writer
February 15, 2024

 UMKC students navigate treacherous road conditions on their commute to campus, facing potholes expanded by a harsh winter and ongoing construction projects, raising concerns about infrastructure maintenance.   Students have been dodging potholes during their commute to...

beautiful downtown vibes Wednesday afternoon is one students Spotify daylist.

UMKC Students Embrace Spotify’s AI-Generated “Daylist” Feature, Unfazed by Music Preferences Tracking

Lucas Campbell and Evelyn Berger
February 8, 2024

 Student’s enjoy the creativity of Spotify’s AI-generated “Daylist” feature and don’t mind the monitoring of their music preferences.     Spotify released its new addition in September, however now in mid-January, it’s gaining traction online due to its unique...

UMKC Student Union.

UMKC Dives into the Foodiverse, Aiming to Transform the Student Dining Experience

Evelyn Berger, Staff Writer
January 26, 2024

 Edit: An older version of this story stated an incorrect date for this launch of the new dining services. Roo News will follow up and continue to update this story.    UMKC Dining Services is moving to the Student Union to be closer to UMKC residential life, called the...

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