Column: Sporting KC’s scoring woes continue out west in a 3-0 loss to San Jose

Sporting KC could not score a goal against the San Jose Earthquakes.

Hugo Von Reis, Staff Writer

Sporting KC found themselves yet again in a desperate search for points during their match this past Saturday. However, their hopes were dashed as they suffered a devastating 3-0 defeat at the hands of the San Jose Earthquakes on the west coast. 

  This has not been the start to the season Kansas City fans were hoping for, and it did not look like changing as only after 9 minutes played, Cristian Espinoza tapped home a cross from Cade Cowell to make it 1-0 and put San Jose ahead. 

  Defender Robert Castellanos dashed Sporting fans’ hopes again when he committed a foul inside his own penalty box. Kansas City was left with 10 players versus the opposition’s 11 after it resulted in a red card. Adding to their misery, the penalty was scored and 2-0 was the reality. 

  Not a single win in eight games is a season to forget for supporters of the club. It is now officially the worst start in the club’s history, passing the 1999 Wizards for the longest winless stretch to start a season. However, the significant stat for me is the lack of goals. 

  “Obviously, when you’re in this situation, you doubt yourself a little bit, but I thought the mindset was actually really good,” said Sporting KC coach Peter Vermes, despite the result and tough start. 

  A good effort was made in the second half. However, with only 10 men, it wasn’t easy to find the net. A strong San Jose capitalized on the advantage and made it 3-0 in the end.

   I am becoming tired of repeating myself, but once again, Sporting KC fails to create one single big chance to score. With 9 shots total, they completed another game with an expected goal (xG) below one. Sporting’s xG on Saturday was 0.46. Let’s just say the effort was there, but the better team won. 

  In MLS history, no team has scored fewer than four goals after playing eight matches; Sporting KC holds the record for the lowest goals total with only two scored. 

  “We’ve got to try that mentality that you can turn things around, and I believe that these guys can,” Vermes said after the game.  

  ​​Maybe a new face leading the team is what it takes to turn things around. 

  Sporting KC will face New England on April 22 in a match that will take place on the opposite coast. The game will start at 6:30 p.m. Central time (7:30 p.m. Eastern time). 

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