UMKC Tennis closes out season with dominant performance

UMKC came out on top in all three matches. (Ryan Weaver Photography)

Cyrus Moffett

While the Roos will not make the playoffs this season, they were able to put up a commanding performance against Western Illinois in the final match of the season. Kansas City won 7-0, making for a memorable Senior Day.

Only in doubles action did the Roos feel any pressure from Western Illinois. Despite the pushback, UMKC still came out on top in all three matches, winning 7-5, 6-3 and 6-3.

Almost all of the singles matches were lopsided affairs for Kansas City. Only one match went to a tiebreaker, in which Tuana Tinaztepe won 10-1.

Coach Kendall Hale was pleased with the play from the team’s seniors, noting their impressive careers at UMKC. 

“Grace Ball and Rudi Sharma have added a lot of success to their years as Roos and I know they will find success in all they do moving forward in their lives,” coach Hale said.

UMKC finishes the season 5-14.

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