Review: Noah Kahan at The Truman


Photo by Zoe Strohm/RooNews.

Zoe Strohm, Staff Writer/Graphic Designer

  To no one’s surprise, Noah Kahan is not only a phenomenal artist but an amazing performer. The Stick Season Tour made its stop at The Truman theater in Kansas City and has left me itching for more. 

  My friend and I arrived at the 1,200-person venue two hours before the doors opened, but to our surprise, the line was already wrapped halfway down the block. 

  The cold weather made the wait tough, but the staff of The Truman made sure we were comfortable by passing out water and constantly checking to make sure we were safe.

  Once it hit 7 p.m., we made our way into the main room. 

  The show began with opening artist Jack Van Cleaf, a smaller folk artist out of Tennessee. Although his set was small, it was not forgettable. 

  Van Cleaf began by introducing himself and his band, lead singer Bennett Emery, who played a wide array of instruments, and Ethan Fortenberry on the electric guitar. My friend and I both appreciated the conversation and connection that came with such an intimate venue. 

  Each song was different and new, a couple getting an instant save to my Spotify account after their set. Van Cleaf’s music was perfectly complementary to the headlining set, and I hope to hear more from them in the future. 

  Between sets, venue staff passed water out to those waiting along the barricade, as well as checked to make sure everyone was feeling okay. This experience with the staff is much different than I have experienced in bigger venues, and made me appreciate The Truman even more.

  At just around 9:15 p.m. the lights went dark, the band walked out, and the crowd began to scream. From behind the curtains, Noah Kahan began his set with “False Confidence” from his 2019 album “Busyhead”. The room buzzed with energy as the crowd busted out in song. Kahan was illuminated by bright blue lights behind him, running back and forth, making sure to be seen by everyone in the crowd. 

  The band consists of Noah Levine on electric guitar and banjo, Marcos Valles on drums and back up vocals, Dylan Jones on piano, and Alex Bachari on Bass. 

  The chemistry between these men was undeniable, and it showed in their music and ability to work together to create something amazing. They danced, sang along, and interacted while performing, showcasing a friendship outside of just bandmates. 

  The main set consisted of 17 songs, including the debut of a brand new track, played for the first time live in Kansas City. There was then a short break and a three song encore. While my favorite song from the album is “All My Love”, “The View Between Villages” was my favorite performance of the night. 

  The band returned to stage, revealing Kahan and Bachari wearing Chiefs gear, garnering cheers from the crowd. “The View Between Villages” was extended past its three minute and thirty three second runtime, gaining an extra run through the chorus. This led into “Stick Season”, the album’s name sake and most well known song, before ending with “Mess”. 

  All together, the show ran about three hours, including the break between sets. Although small, the venue was incredibly accommodating and accessible, and lent itself to an amazing show. Staff went out of their way to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of their guests, even going out of their way to make sure patrons did not park in tow away zones on accident. 

  Noah Kahan is an amazing artist, but his band brought his performance to a whole new level. I highly recommend checking out “Stick Season” on Spotify or Apple Music and to invest in Noah Kahan tickets next time he comes to town. 

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