Opinion: Galentine’s Day vs. Valentine’s Day


Photo courtesy of Abby Sciara.

Angelique White, Staff Writer

  Like Beyonce would say, “Who runs the world? GIRLS!” All the single ladies raise your glasses up! Galentine’s day is here and there is no time to be sad.

  Being in a relationship is so ancient history, and being with best friends on Valentine’s Day is the best way to celebrate.

  Galentine’s Day is the holiday where women come together to celebrate their friendship and all the memories that they have shared together. Single or not, this holiday is one of the best because individuals get to express their love for the people they care about most.

  “I think it is important to take time out of our busy lives and celebrate everyday life with our girlfriends,” said senior Paige Fleming.

  Now let’s talk about the real reason we are a big fan of this holiday: chocolate! There are chocolate strawberries, s’mores, truffles and more. By the end of the day, you’ll second guess if treating yourself is the best decision you could make, and of course, it was.

  “My favorite dessert has to be chocolate-covered strawberries. You can never go wrong with it if you don’t know what else to make for a Galentine’s Day dessert,” said sophomore Alyssa Schulz. “I especially like the ones from Rock Mountain Chocolate Factory located at Union Station.” 

  Being single means there is absolutely no pressure to be perfect, and there is no overthinking why that one person hasn’t given you the time of day. Doing healthy hobbies such as going for a walk or eating at your favorite local food restaurant is the best gift of loving and taking care of yourself.

  The best local food restaurants that are located in downtown Kansas City for the best bottomless mimosas are Third Street Social and Harvey’s.

  There are all sorts of different activities to do on this “traditional” holiday. Having brunch, hosting a movie night or watching chick flicks that will make you cry for hours on end! But hey, at least you’re with the girls!

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