How to Haunt


Photo courtesy of Worlds of Fun website

Roo News, Writer

  With spooky season officially upon us, students at UMKC are looking for ways to celebrate, and Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun is a Kansas City tradition. However, a single trip can easily cost over $100 per person, so here are some tips for how to get the most boo’s for your buck. 

  First, don’t purchase a single day pass. Instead purchase a 2023 season pass. While this will cost more than a single day pass, it includes as many trips to Haunt this year as you’d like including all of next season. 

  Which leads directly into my next tip: plan on going more than once if you want to see everything Haunt has to offer. Haunt guests can purchase an additional ticket to skip lines, known as the Fright Lane Pass. Without this extra, it’s near impossible to go through every haunted attraction in one night.

  Another way to take advantage of attending multiple nights is to skip the parade on your second visit. While it’s fun to see all the monsters marching past, it’s the same show every night. Once you’ve seen the parade, on your next visit get in line for one of the houses early.

  Cornstalkers in particular is a great house to line up for as soon as possible. It typically has a long wait time and is far from the parade, where most people will be, which means a shorter line. You’ll be waiting for the monsters to get in place, but you’ll be one of the first ones in the door once the attraction opens. 

  What day you go is also important. This season, Haunt will be open four days a week, Thursday through Sunday with Friday and Saturday being the busiest times. While it may not be ideal if you have an early morning class the next day, Worlds of Fun will be much less crowded Thursdays and Sundays.

  Even Haunt veterans should consider a trip this year. With three brand new haunted attractions, Malice in Wonderland, Fright Zone, and Carnevil, as well as a remodel of Lore of the Vampire, a fan-favorite haunt, there are many new things to be found in the fog. 

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