Canadian artist Petal Supply shines on “You’re So Pretty,” upcoming EP “Hey” is sure to dazzle

Petal Supply’s “Hey” cover art. (Twitter)

Allison Harris

Out of an international network of young adults on the internet bursts a bright and explosive new sound — and Canadian producer-songwriter Petal Supply is helping to lead the charge. Her most recent release, “You’re So Pretty,” from her upcoming Nov. 27 EP “Hey,” is a brief but glittering example of her prowess as an artist.

Petal Supply is part of an informal collective of artists creating some of the freshest, most unique and hyper-online music of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has not had the same impact on them as it has on more established artists; in fact, this scene of musicians has grown greatly just in the last 10 months. 

Because Petal Supply and her peers were so tuned in to their own fans and collaborators on platforms like Twitter and Discord, they’ve been hosting completely virtual shows featuring pre-recorded and premixed DJ sets since before the coronavirus cancelled all live shows indefinitely. 

“It’s a little strange, because I never really played any IRL [in real life] shows as Petal Supply before any of this happened,” she said in an interview with UNews. “It’s really fun. I love the current format, and I love the creativity you get when creating mixes and stuff. You get a lot more creative freedom when you’re playing a pre-recorded virtual set than when you do when you’re DJ-ing.”

It was actually through the pandemic that led Petal Supply to begin creating her upcoming EP, “Hey.” She said the release will revolve around the themes of “e-dating, meeting people in Discord servers and on Twitter, and internet crushes.” These topics are sure to resonate with a generation of young people stuck experiencing life through the internet during a global pandemic. 

On Nov. 20, Petal Supply released “You’re So Pretty,” what she calls “the pop hit” from “Hey.” The song, a quick-and-dirty two minutes and 14 seconds, is a pitched-up, saccharine ode to the feelings of internet romance. 

“You told me I was pretty last night, I know I am / And I think you are too, I get butterflies / Every time I think of you,” Petal Supply sings sweetly in the song’s hook. First, a thumping sound — like that of music echoing in a club bathroom where you’re putting on makeup — draws in the listener. The track then begins its journey into the territories of nightcore, happy hardcore and the like. 

Petal Supply said “Hey” will be seven tracks long. Aside from one collaboration with trance protégé Himera of Amsterdam, the project is wholly her creation. If it is anything like “You’re So Pretty,” it is likely to be a promising first full release from Petal Supply.

“I’ve been wanting to do it forever,” she said regarding her process of creating “Hey.” “I’ve been wanting to do it since I started putting out music.”  

The desire to create something for herself is important to her growth as an artist. It’s clear, from speaking with Petal Supply, that she is ready to show off the fruits of her labor. 
“Hey” will be available for purchase on Petal Supply’s Bandcamp. “You’re So Pretty” is available on streaming services now.

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