UMKC’s New Art Walk

Walk a mile of UMKC art excellence

Albania Andrade, Tanna Engle, and Leila Pedreros are pictured from right to left.

Gabriel Flynn, Staff Writer

  UMKC has a multitude of statues and beautiful art pieces spread throughout the campus, but many students miss them because of the distance between each work.

  Tanna Engle, a senior coordinator of fitness wellness and marketing, proposed the art walk after seeing a photo reel posted on the Kansas City Instagram.

  She and two students were waiting on the sidewalk by the art gallery and the Miller Nichols Library with bubble tea and maps.

  “I think it’s great to celebrate art, and I think we have a lot of great art in Kansas City and at UMKC,” Engle said. 

  The walk clearly shows just that, a calming celebration of art. While there are seven featured works of art, there is also so much more along the way.

 There’s a multitude of different plaques and small gardens peppered throughout campus most students won’t ever see. Many have their classes in one or two buildings that are usually close to each other. This leaves entire chunks of campus unseen by the majority of people on campus.

  The walk itself is exactly one even mile circling around campus so there are several things to see along the way. It’s well-paced and incorporates plenty of spots to sit down and enjoy the view throughout.

  There are even some spots some may not have considered looking for art, namely inside the Education building where the whole wall is a work of art.

  Of course, there’s even more art than what is seen on the walk, and that’s part of the fun. After wandering through campus, the hope is students will be more aware and see even more of the beauty surrounding them.

  For those that missed the event, there’s no need to worry. The walk itself can be enjoyed at any time of the year, scheduled tour or otherwise.

  Those looking to participate can find information on the campus recreation site. 

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