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With an increased focus on community, the Chancellor hopes this change will create a space for students to gather together

51 and Done

Jack Venable and Tim Williams
October 3, 2023

Edit: While the 51st Street has not closed yet, there will be a city planning meeting on Nov. 7 to discuss alternate driving routes.   UMKC announced plans to turn 51st Street into a pedestrian zone closed to vehicle traffic. The change aims to improve walkability and create...

Front Entrance of UMKC Volker Campus

How safe do UMKC students feel on this campus?

Ava Renzulli and Aydan Stigler
September 20, 2023

  After tragedy struck and a gunman attacked the Chapel Hill campus at the University of North Carolina in late August, the feeling of security at UNC was compromised, sparking many other universities to question the topic of safety on their campuses.    To get the perspective...

A portion of 51st Street closed around the manhole in question

Unexpected Power Outage Disrupts UMKC Campus

James, Hamilton
September 20, 2023

   A sudden and unexpected power outage struck UMKC’s campus at approximately 1:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 20, leaving students and staff confused.   As the campus plunged into darkness, students were spotted congregating outside buildings and heading towards the parking...

An Update on UMKC’s Commitment to an Elevated Campus Life

An Update on UMKC’s Commitment to an Elevated Campus Life

Soffia Hernandez , Staff Writer
August 17, 2023

The University of Missouri-Kansas City announced plans to create a more student-oriented campus life in the State of the University Address. Now, UMKC is acting—beginning on 51st Street.  Currently, the university owns two vacant plots of land, between Brookside and...

Albania Andrade, Tanna Engle, and Leila Pedreros are pictured from right to left.

UMKC’s New Art Walk

Gabriel Flynn, Staff Writer
April 28, 2023

  UMKC has a multitude of statues and beautiful art pieces spread throughout the campus, but many students miss them because of the distance between each work.   Tanna Engle, a senior coordinator of fitness wellness and marketing, proposed the art walk after seeing a photo...

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