Kansas City Looks to Improve Before Summit League Play: Recap


Savannah Moore, Writer

 The Kansas City Roo’s are on an eight-game losing streak while trying to navigate their way out of the midseason blues. As opposing teams cruised past the Roo’s during their matchups, they have struggled to find high ground making their current record 3-11.

  The Roo’s started the season off with a boom, as they won their first two matches of the season against SIUE and Miami. Immediately after those wins, they started to face hardships. 

  Kansas City struggled to start and finish strong and keep momentum throughout their matches. Attacking the ball out of service is one thing the Roo’s struggle with the most. Competing against teams at a division one level, they cannot play soft volleyball; quite frankly, the Roo’s can’t afford to continue this cycle if they want to see a different outcome with the rest of their season

  Statistically, the Roos suffer more offensively opposed to defensively. Kansas City ranks fifth for hitting percentage with a .185% in the Summit League, while the first ranked team hits .262%. 

  Junior outside hitter Odyssey Warren is one of their key attackers, who most recently had 21 kills with only two errors in a game. This is a huge comeback from her game against Kansas State where she struggled to put the ball down on K-State’s side of the court. Warren will be an asset to her team if she can continue to play with grit and consistency with her attacking. 

  In order for the Roo’s to come out on top in the next few matches they need to continue playing through each point aggressively. At this level, there needs to be more consistency defensively and offensively. 

  Volleyball is a mental sport. It will always present opportunities for mistakes to happen, but luck between opponents can change quickly.

  The Roo’s schedule is not letting down as they are going head to head with some very special programs. North Dakota State (7-5) in particular. The Roos will match up against them shortly on Saturday, October 1st at Fargo, North Dakota.