Kansas City defeats St. Thomas in dominating fashion

Kansas City wins against St. Thomas 7-0. (Julia Kapros/Roo News)

Cyrus Moffett

Idyllic weather set the atmosphere for a stunning Roos’ tennis victory on Saturday, beating St. Thomas by a resounding 7-0. 

Kansas City won handedly in its singles matches to pull off the sweep. Graduate student Grace Ball started off the play by launching an impressive 6-0 campaign in her first set and was on her way to cleaning up the second set when her opponent, Olivia Paradise, was forced to retire due to injury. Senior Michela Xibilia also helped pave the way for the sweep, earning 6-4 and 6-1 victories in her match.

One of the singles matches came down to the wire and featured a tiebreak at the end, with Laura Munoz-Baroja of Kansas City defeating her opponent 11-10 to finalize the sweep.

On paper, there was an actual loss by the Roos in doubles, but the loss was absorbed by the other two wins and did not actually count against Kansas City in overall terms.

Coach Kendall Hale was upbeat about how his Lady Roos did this afternoon.

“This was the first time we played Saint Thomas, and we did have an awesome day playing with a good crowd,” Hale said. Although, he added, “As a team we are beat up a little with injuries.”

Kansas City will go on to play the University of Kansas in a doubleheader on March 23 in Lawrence.

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