Twosday signals day of importance for some UMKC students

Twosday is a time for reflection and inspiration for numerologists. (iStock /Getty Images)

Breanne Blankenship

For some, numbers are more than just numerals used to count and measure. To those who believe in numerology, and specifically the power of angel numbers, Feb. 22, 2022, is an important day.

An ancient study, numerology suggests there is a divine or mystical relationship between numbers or number combinations and coinciding events. Numerologists believe that Tuesday, 2/22/22, popularly called “Twosday,” has spiritual meaning in the realm of metaphysics.

“I find it hard to see things as simply just the way they are to our knowledge thus far,” said 19-year-old UMKC student Ava DiCapo. “How can divine and magical energies and understandings be impossible, given just the thought that the universe is bigger than anyone can truly comprehend?”

Jackie McDuffey, the owner of The Energy Within in Overland Park, KS, is a teacher of metaphysics. McDuffey said that angel numbers occur when there are three- or four-digit numbers with repeating digits.

 “Angels are messengers for us so they attach those two together, but each number has a specific vibration, meaning, energy, or feeling to it,” McDuffey said.

In Tantric numerology, the number two is attached to foundations and the negative mind. In this context, negative does not mean bad, but instead protective.

“Two in more of an angel number frequency holds the vibration of conduciveness, partnership, foundation and creating things together,” McDuffey said.

These numeric messages can be received at any moment and anywhere during daily life.

“When you look at the clock and you always see the same number over and over again it usually has meaning to your life at that point,” said 25-year-old psychology major Quinten Evans. “There have been countless times I’ve looked at my phone and it will be a repeating number or the same time day after day.”

“Twosday” also holds special significance as it is one of six palindromes that occur in Feb. 2022. In numerology, palindromes (words, sentences or number sequences that can be read the same forward or backward) represent a choice where both outcomes can teach a lesson.

While some believe in numerology as a genuine study, others believe it is pseudoscience.

“When a number sequence seems to jump out at us, this is an example of apophenia: perceiving meaningful connections between unrelated things,” said Barry Markovsky, a social scientist at the University of South Carolina, in Westport News.

Some students at UMKC have also expressed their doubts about numerology.

“I believe in angels, but I do not believe that repeating numbers are a sign,” said Josh Butler, a business administration major at UMKC.

While the general public may still have doubts, social media has helped play a role in increasing the online popularity of numerology and other forms of metaphysics, such as crystal healing. The #222 hashtag has garnered over 2.8 billion views on TikTok, and the #angelnumbers hashtag has over 620 million.

“It has had a huge effect on everything in the metaphysics realm,” McDuffey said of social media’s impact. “Social media has really brought it to a lot of people’s attention. With angel numbers, I think it is a really good thing because it is helping open people’s eyes to potential communications with the realm of metaphysics.”

McDuffey said that some people turn to metaphysics for help fulfilling the innate desire to belong.

“We all have a longing to belong, to a group of people, to ourselves, to our higher selves, whatever we call ‘God,” McDuffey said. “Specifically religion, they talk about filling the void with specific things and none of them are wrong. They are all different ways of communicating, to look a little bit deeper within yourself.”

DiCapo said that metaphysics has helped fulfill that need when other spiritual methods haven’t.

“Many people, including myself, struggle with religion and beliefs, but this way of living under these ideas has always felt the most comfortable for me,” said DiCapo.

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