Press Play vol. 5: “Heartbreak Hotel? Drove Right Past…”

Botswana native Titose released her new debut album, “Was It Something I Said?” (Twitter)

Caleb Robbins

Press Play is my weekly series of (mostly) indie tracks from the barely discovered depths of corporate DSPs. All my recommended tracks are compiled into the Spotify playlist linked below, which is updated weekly.

Titose feat. The Big Hash, “Best Friends”

Hailing from Botswana, 23-year-old singer/songwriter Titose shines on this track, which features a simple but captivating loop of drums and a heavy synth line. The track itself has a girls-night-out theme and features a rather nice guest verse from South African rapper The Big Hash. This track is featured on her recently released debut album “Was It Something I Said?”

gglum, “What’s Left”

From London native and singer/songwriter Ella Smoker (aka gglum) comes a kick drum and guitar-driven alternative track. I’ve probably listened to this track the most since I found it last week, mostly due to its amazing chorus, which I’m a sucker for (thus describes my love/hate relationship with Post Malone). 

In this song, Smoker seems apologetic for all the pain she’s caused to a lover who remains despite it all. You can find this track on her recently released debut album, “once the edge has worn off.”

Swansea Skag, “I Dare You”

This track from singer/songwriter Mason Stover (aka Swansea Skag) sounds like one of those songs that have the potential to go viral on TikTok. It features toxic lyrics about heartbreak and a layered bass-heavy bridge that made me wish the track lasted a minute longer.

“I get bored sometimes without our hell / Can’t fight it / Can’t doubt it / Who would we be without it?”

You can find this track on his soon-to-be-released EP, “you’ll be dead before you know it.”

Prospa, “Love Someone”

I’m three months into working the night shift at my current job, where the only positive was the early morning drives back home when it was still dark. That was until daylight savings happened. 

Either way, rave music is perfect for nighttime listening, and this electronic track from UK duo Prospa features heavy drums and glorious synths, with the warped vocals of someone singing, “to love someone feels so good.” 

I highly recommend you give this track and Prospa’s other music a listen if you’re a fan of the rave genre. You can also find this track on their recently released EP, “Rave Science, Vol. 2.”

Radiohead, “Pyramid Song”

Another week, another anniversary re-release. This time it is “KID A MNESIA,” a repackaging of two early Radiohead albums (2000’s “Kid A” and 2001’s “Amnesiac”), along with some added B-sides.

While I still have some reservations about “Kid A,” despite its groundbreaking sound and critical acclaim, I will forever love “Pyramid Song.” 

Originally featured as the lead single on “Amnesiac,” I strongly consider it to be a top-ten Radiohead track. The haunting piano chords and shuffling Egyptian-inspired strings are otherworldly. 

Overall, if you’re a Radiohead fan, I suggest you give this re-issue a listen. It’s not “In Rainbows,” (you know, their best album) but it is a pleasant listen once you get to the “Amnesiac” side.

You can find all the tracks from this week and others here:

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