Press Play vol. 3: “Only Love Is Playing”

(El Hardwick)

Caleb Robbins

Press Play is my weekly series of (mostly) indie tracks from the barely discovered depths of corporate DSPs. All my recommended tracks are compiled into the Spotify playlist linked below, which is updated weekly.

TSHA feat. NIMMO, “OnlyL”

From the London-based DJ and producer Teisha Matthews (aka TSHA), this bouncy electronic track features vocals from fellow London-based duo NIMMO. The lyrics are rather cynical, as NIMMO cautiously warns someone to move on from something they love before it darkens them, then mockingly stating that it’s “only loving.” 

Soccer Mommy & Kero Kero Bonito, “rom com 2021”

As a remix to Sophia Allison’s (aka Soccer Mommy) “rom com 2004,” this track features vocals from British indie-pop band Kero Kero Bonito. This is simply a danceable version of the already amazing original version that has Soccer Mommy pining for the return of a lover. I found it quite humorous that this track was given a dance remix when features verses like this:

“What does it say about me? / That I’d rather die in your arms than watch you move on without me.”

Guilt-tripping aside, it’s still a banger.

Namasenda, “No Regrets”

Through my recent adventure of hyperpop music that included artists like Glaive, ericdoa and Alice Longyu Gao, I discovered this hyperpop track from Swedish singer/songwriter Namasenda. 

On “No Regrets,” Namasenda gives a humorously dark warning to an ex-lover by threatening to take their head if they ever call again. It’s about as menacing as you can get for a Eurodance song and Namasenda’s repeated chorus of “watch your step” is incredibly catchy. It’s reminiscent of Charli XCX’s “Unlock It.”

Lucky Daye, “Over”

This R&B track from singer/songwriter Lucky Daye features him trying to figure out why he’s having such a hard time escaping a toxic relationship over a guitar-driven beat. I’ve had a hard time escaping this track since it was released a month ago, and I’m anxiously waiting for Daye’s next album to drop after hearing how good his debut album, “Painted,” sounded from a year ago.

Devonte Hynes, “Born to Be”

Although he usually releases music under his moniker Blood Orange, Devonté Hynes released this track for the Netflix film, “Beckett,” under his real name. Much like his previous work, this track is hazy, brooding and downtempo with a kick drum in the background, but the defiant lyrics are the true hero of this song. “I got demons in my face,” Hynes sings before declaring that not a soul will take his place. 

“Even if the blue subsides to grey / Start to clinch a muscle and I feel it ebb away.”

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