Women’s soccer: Kansas City continues scoreless streak, loses to South Dakota

The Roos continue a scoreless streak when going against the Coyotes. (Julia Kapros)

Cristian Martinez

Kansas City’s lamented offense once again could not find the back of the net once on Sunday, closing at the scoreless weekend with a 0-1 loss to South Dakota.

The Coyotes came out strong from the jump. They executed a counterattack in the fourth minute and scored a goal by fifth-year veteran midfielder Alexis Mitchell. Much like the earlier loss to South Dakota State, the remainder of the game was a defensive showing by both teams.

The Roos’ lifeless offense dragged their stout defense backwards for 90 minutes in another empty showing. Kansas City only attempted one shot in the first half and five shots for the entire game. 

Kansas City’s defense played for all 90 minutes and duked it out with South Dakota’s offense until the final whistle. The Coyotes attempted 17 total shots, and the Roos only allowed the early score to find home. The defense keeps showing the aggression and physicality that makes it such a great unit, and its strength bolstered by the phenomenal sophomore goalie Mackenzie Caldwell.

The team’s inability to score has been detrimental throughout the season, however. The defense has kept the Roos close in many games only to be let down by the lack of offensive firepower. While the Roos have faced some solid defenses, there needs to be some urgency from the attackers. If Kansas City can find any offensive rhythm, the defense will ensure they have plenty of chances to win.

Kansas City has a couple more days to prepare itself for a Denver matchup on Oct. 15 in Denver, Colorado. 

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