Betty Rae’s releases new Roo-inspired ice cream flavor

The UMKC-inspired ice cream flavor, Roo Blue Swirl, is currently available at Betty Rae’s Waldo location.

Yusra Azzeh

Betty Rae’s released a new UMKC-inspired ice cream flavor called “Roo Blue Swirl” on Aug. 25. 

The new flavor is a tangy blueberry and lemon swirl with pieces of vanilla crumble. The owner, Alec Rodgers, took direct inspiration from UMKC when creating the flavor.

“The flavors needed to visually represent UMKC while sticking to our desire for natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, coloring, etc.,” Rodgers said. “With our colors, lemon and blueberry seemed to make sense and they taste great together!” 

Store associate Parker, who did not wish to provide a last name, said that the store has had more business since the fall semester began at UMKC. 

“A lot of people have come in to try the new flavor,” Parker said. “Many of them are either current UMKC students or alumni.”

Rodgers is a UMKC graduate himself, and took ownership of the business earlier this year after the previous owner was forced to close. 

Betty Rae’s involvement with the university doesn’t stop at ice cream. Rodgers, a UMKC alum himself, is always happy to have Roos as a part of his staff. 

“I currently have three scoopers that attend UMKC!” Rodgers said. “It has been fun to suggest classes, look at their schedules and learn about what they’re doing.”

Current UMKC sophomore Amar Sayyed tried the Roo Blue Swirl, and although fruity flavors were not his favorite, he enjoyed the idea behind it.

“It means a lot when local businesses give UMKC some type of shout-out,” Sayyed said. “Betty Rae’s has some of the best ice cream in town, and it’s really cool and exciting to see our university represented throughout the city.” 

Betty Rae’s has two locations – one in the River Market (412 Delaware St.) and one in Waldo (7140 Wornall Rd.). The Roo Blue Swirl is available exclusively at the Waldo location.

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