Vaccines are becoming more available in Kansas City, here’s how to get in line for yours

Joeli Toscano

Governor Parson announced recently that Phase 1B – Tier 3 of the COVID-19 Vaccine Plan will begin March 15.  

According to the Missouri Covid Vaccination Plan, this tier includes critical infrastructure workers including, but not limited to, first responders, K-12 and childcare workers, food and agriculture workers, energy personnel, critical manufacturers, and water and wastewater facility employees. 

Parson announced this Thursday that a “mega” drive-thru vaccination event will take place at Arrowhead Stadium on Friday, March 19, and Saturday, March 20, distributing the Johnson and Johnson single-dose vaccine to more than 6,000 Missouri residents. Pop-up events like this will become more frequent as the state receives more doses, he said. 

“With vaccine supplies continuing to increase each week, we are well ahead of schedule,” Parson said. 

Mary Anne Jackson, dean of the School of Medicine, said the best move for UMKC students to receive the vaccine is registering in as many locations as possible, including with the state, primary care doctor and county vaccine distribution websites. Registering will not give you an appointment, but will put you on a waitlist to contact for scheduling upon eligibility. 

Some vaccines are going unused due to duplicate appointments and no shows. The website Dr. B is making leftover vaccines available to the public by putting people on a standby list until one becomes available in their area. 

Russel Melchert, dean of the School of Pharmacy and interim dean of the School of Dentistry, said that it has been difficult to get vaccinated because of the short supply and high demand. 

“I suppose the high demand is a good thing because the more folks who get vaccinated, the more likely we are to achieve community immunity,” Melchert said. 

According to Missouri’s COVID-19 Dashboard, 631,832 Missourians have received both doses of the vaccine as of March 13. All together, 19% of Missourians have begun their vaccination. 

“The vaccine is a huge step for us to combat COVID,” Melchert said. “The more informed we can be about the safety of the vaccine, the more people can benefit from the protection it provides.” 

Links to register in your county:

Dr. B standby vaccine list registration:

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