Roos persevere and come back to win after rough start versus Omaha

The Roos doubled down on Omaha with a 76-66 victory on Feb. 13. (KCRoosWBB Instagram)

Cyrus Moffett

While neither the University of Omaha or the Roos of UMKC put in a dazzling performance on Feb. 12, Kansas City ended up coming back in the second half to win 69-59. With a solid comeback, the Roos maintain a decent lead towards the end of the contest.

Little happened in the first quarter. Both teams started out a bit cold in terms of their shooting. In the first half, UMKC shot an abysmal 4-17 from the three-point line.

Personal fouls were a problem for the Roos throughout the game. However, it was a situation that never spiraled out of control.

For most of the game, neither team looked like it was in full command of the game’s momentum.  Kansas City would commit two travelling calls in a row near the end of the first half, but Omaha never capitalized enough to seal the Roos fate.

Three-point shooting was markedly improved for the Roos in the second half. Kansas City utilized the three-point line as an avenue back into the game, and tied the game 41-41 with about 2:15 left in the third quarter.

At one point, the Roos were ahead by 13 points with about half of the fourth quarter to go. Omaha was not able to mount a successful comeback.

Roos Junior Naomi Alnatas put in a decent performance, with two three-pointers and 17:53 minutes of playing time in the first half. Senior Jade Mickens had five assists for UMKC in the first half.

The Roos doubled down on Omaha with a 76-66 victory on Feb. 13.

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