Famous YouTuber MrBeast creates a fast-food chain overnight

Famous YouTuber MrBeast opens up 300+ locations overnight all online. (Comic Book)

Angel Rojas

Hit YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson (famously known as MrBeast) has now opened a restaurant chain, called MrBeast Burger.

The restaurant follows an unconventional business model. While it lists addresses in the Plaza and Zona Rosa, MrBeast Burger does not have physical locations that can be visited. Instead, customers receive their food through delivery by third-party apps. 

Based on listings on the MrBeast Burger website, restaurants can rent out space in their kitchens for the franchise to prepare MrBeast Burger menu items.

“It’s pretty strange for a famous YouTuber to start a fast-food chain all of a sudden, but if it works, it works,” said Emily Hanson, a junior at UMKC.

MrBeast Burger provides large portions, which is always a nice surprise, with a wide variety of options for both chicken and burger lovers alike.

I tried two of Mr. Beast’s signature combos: the “beast style” burger and the Nashville hot chicken tender sandwich.

The “beast style” burger comes with plenty of sharp American cheese in between up to three crispy smashed beef patties with pickles and diced onions served on top of a soft roll.

The Nashville hot chicken tender sandwich features three crispy-fried chicken tenders on a bed of shredded lettuce and pickles served on a soft roll. The breaded tenders were also tossed in hot sauce for a fiery kick.

Both sandwiches came with a large serving of fries and a canned Pepsi product.

The sandwiches were full of flavor that, while not unique, offered a great take on some American classics. The burgers had a familiar taste with just a little too much salt. The fries also had a heavy coating of Cajun seasoning that made it hard to eat more than half the bag.

While the food is not outstanding by any means, the combination of classic American fare and a unique 21st-century business model may be a good option for quarantined students.

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