Trump’s despicable attempts at overturning the election

President Donald Trump addressed the riots that occurred at the capitol in response to his lose in the election (Financial Times)

Tyrionna Clardy

After soon-to-be former President Trump’s flimsy campaign and debate performances, it was no surprise he lost the electoral vote 232 to 306. With four years of lying to and deceiving his supporters and the general public, I would have thought less people would vote for him.

Somehow, he still managed to conjure up over 74 million votes. Those millions of voters were able to overlook four years of Trump spewing hatred, racism, bigotry and sexism as well as his history of over 26 sexual assault allegations.

With the American people struggling through a pandemic, Trump has made it his mission to focus strictly on finding a way to overturn what he calls a fraudulent election. 

His putrid Twitter rants make no attempt to assure the American people they will receive the aid they so desperately need. Instead he focuses on empty allegations and threats towards anyone he deems able to overturn the election in his favor.

From finding out about a deadly virus heading for the country months before taking action, to shutting down the government, to forcing IRS workers to work without pay for 35 days due to a temper tantrum about a wall, to only paying $850 in taxes despite being a self-claimed multi-millionaire, people may ask: Where is this man’s humanity?

At what point in his presidency has he done anything for the people and not just what benefitted himself and his own? Never. Just days ago, Trump said he wanted the American people to receive $2,000 in aid instead of $600 but remained royally quiet when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked the Senate from voting on it. 

Anything good this man attempts to do is no more than an opportunity to make himself look good. Trump is a prime example of the blind leading the blind. A flunky businessman with zero political experience assuming one of the most important positions of power. 

It is no surprise his supporters still back him despite his inconsistencies. These are the same people that made wearing a mask political and took to the steps of state capitols with rifles to protest a virus. 

As far as recounting votes on Trump’s accord, I believe it was unnecessary and time consuming for the workers involved. Trump deems the election fraudulent and unconstitutional yet that will be his exact legacy when he’s gone. A fraud who committed countless unconstitutional acts.

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