Opinion: Kanye West’s presidential run was ridiculous

On Nov. 4, Kanye West tweeted “KANYE 2024,” hinting that he will be running for office in the next presidential election. (Twitter)

Tyrionna Clardy

Rapper Kanye West first announced his plans to run for President this past Independence Day in a tweet.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for President of the United States! #2020vision.”

This came as a shock to some, but not to most. For years, many have known West for his very off-the-wall tweets, only to later delete them or his account. 

Many also did not take him seriously when he declared his running for the presidency, even when people actually saw he was actually on the ballot. 

Over the years, West had branded himself as a Trump supporter, once saying Trump was like a father figure or a superhero to him. 

Seeing him come out as a Trump supporter was the first time my eyes were truly opened to how many people support someone who does not stand for them.

He even went as far as sitting down with TMZ host, Harvey Levin, to discuss why he supported Trump.

Levin made many valid points even bringing up the fact Trump is a well-known closeted racist and West supporting him could be hurtful to the Black community.

Though I never supported West as a person, this genuinely came as a shock to me. I loved his music and the way he carried himself before. 

How could a Black man from Chicago openly support a man who has never done anything good for him or his community or even tried to? 

West tweeting about his run for the presidency in July was very tone-deaf. The nation was in the middle of a racial injustice battle, which he had nothing to say about before or after the protests.

Over the years, he has been transparent about his struggle with mental health and a bipolar disorder. Although he has taken medication for it, he does not any more, claiming it blocks out his creativity and third eye.

Through all the nonsense tweets, it is hard at times to tell if he is saying something for shock value or not. After an emotional breakdown towards the end of July and his announcement of running for the presidency, people were even more skeptical of his claims. 

As a Black woman, it has been so sad to see West sink down to the sunken place even further than he already was. 

For him to idolize the least fit person we’ve ever had in the office to date, just to turn around and attempt to run for the presidency with zero qualifications is ridiculous. 

Despite the flimsiness of his campaign, he still managed to pull in more votes than expected, totaling an estimate of 60,000.

Since losing the election, he has vowed on Twitter he will run again for the 2024 Presidential Election. If it wasn’t already clear enough, I will not be supporting him.

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