Tips for midterm studying

Emma Hilboldt

With midterms just around the corner, we are all starting to evaluate our study techniques, hoping to make this semester the most productive one yet. 

But, as assignments pile up and life gets in the way, some of us may lose that motivation. Here are a couple of tips to help us all get back into that productive mode to make the midterm season easier. 

The environment you study in is very important. We all thrive in different atmospheres, whether it be in complete silence, with background noise or maybe in groups thinking out loud. In every case, it is important to know what environment best suits you. 

Think about a time when you were most focused, when you were able to zone in on your work without getting distracted. What was the atmosphere like around you? Try your best to recreate that atmosphere again, put other distractions away and get to work!

Keeping track of everything you have due is going to be the best for you. Go into all your classes on Canvas and take note of everything that is going to be a part of your midterm season. Whether you like to use a physical planner or something on your phone or computer, it is important to keep track of due dates, so you don’t get behind and overwhelmed. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors. They want you to succeed, and even if you feel like a question would be stupid, ask it! Anything that will give you more peace of mind will help in the long run. Have a clear vision on assignments and exams, to avoid confusion and ensure you get the best grade possible. 

Set an exciting goal for yourself for after midterms. After you turn in your last assignment or take your last exam, have something planned for yourself. Whether big or small, set one thing you can look forward to after midterms (besides midterms being over themselves), and keep it in the back of your mind to motivate you while studying. 

Take care of yourself! Times like these are stressful, and you need to keep your mental and physical health on your mind. Take mental breaks, meditate, take a walk, call a friend — check-in with yourself. Doing well in school is important, but your health is even more important. 

Make sure you are eating proper meals, hydrating, and getting a good amount of sleep (needs that can often end up ignored).

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