Local business spotlight: Jerusalem Cafe

jerusalem cafe

Adriana Colina

Jerusalem Cafe has spread its wonderful food throughout Kansas City for over 30 years, starting from a small family restaurant and growing to have three different locations and a delicious food truck that is always around town.

The restaurant is a great place for people of any culture and any taste bud. Whether vegan, gluten free, or a meat lover, anyone can find something to eat at Jerusalem Cafe. This is due to the owner, Fareed Azzeh, and his family, who brought their food and culture to share with the people of Kansas City. He and his wife started the restaurant in 1989 as a two-person kitchen and slowly, over the course of five years, the restaurant started to take off. 

Jerusalem Cafe was the first Middle Eastern restaurant to open in Kansas City. They have been able to create a unique and authentic experience that allows customers to try Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes that are personally hand crafted with care. The meals are consistently prepared excellently and are always fresh for each individual meal. Only expect exceptional service when coming here, the family and the staff care about their clientele and only deliver the best service possible. From the moment of entering the restaurant, you will feel the warm welcome from the family and smell the delightful scents of their food. When frequenting Jerusalem Cafe, expect to see familiar faces, the clientele are loyal to the establishment. 

In terms of the food itself, there are a plethora of dishes ranging in size, taste and style. Customers are always guaranteed generous portions. This is a great location for a casual meal with a friend, large gatherings and personal meals. The staff always make sure to give quality service to parties large or small. They recently moved locations from a smaller diner to a much grander open dinner space. With that said, the restaurant setup allows for safe social distancing while still being able to enjoy your meal. For those uncomfortable with dining in, there is still a takeout option available, so you can call or place an order through the website. 

When asked about the future of Jerusalem Cafe, the owner Farid Azzeh said, “My sons have expanded the restaurant, and will carry on the legacy of Jerusalem’s history.”

Farid’s sons have taken on the role of the family business to expand and enrich the status of Jerusalem Cafe while maintaining the foundations of what the restaurant stands for. Come by for a warm meal and a unique and friendly experience, nobody does hummus quite like the Jerusalem Cafe does. 

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