Top five worst Thanksgiving dishes

Brittany Blockmon

‘Tis the season to eat. ‘Tis the article of what not to eat. Here are the top five worst Thanksgiving dishes.

5.    Peas
I don’t care if you put butter in it, sugar in it or season it up real good. It doesn’t matter. We don’t want it. Especially on Thanksgiving. Next!

4.    Brussel Sprouts
You’re better off giving us some of those good ole’ butter peas because we don’t want these either. Although I hear they’re good in the summer fresh off the grill, this will be one of the sides you can find me feeding to the dog.

3.    Corn Casserole
Listen, we prefer sweet whole kernel corn or corn on the cob. They both pair well with homemade mashed potatoes and gravy and are a great option for your first round of eating. Nothing more, nothing less.

2.     Boxed Macaroni and Cheese
This dish is not acceptable at all at the family dinner table. Homemade mac and cheese only! It’s not hard, but not any and everybody can make a good homemade mac and cheese. If you know that’s not you, or if this your first year and you’re experimenting, do us all a favor and don’t! 

Now if you haven’t agreed 100% with me, I’m sure we can all agree on the last one.

1.     Chitterlings
Two words: PIG INTESTINES. It’s 2019! Nobody eats pork anymore. It’s not even good for you. They stink before you cook them, while you’re cooking them and when they’re done. So that’s definitely a no for me. And if you bring chitterlings to the family gathering or anything else on this list, we will officially disown you.


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