Season 27 of “The Bachelor” is Almost Over and This is How it Will End…I Think.

Get Zach Shallcross off my screen.


Photo by Kenzie Eklund/RooNews.

Aurora Wilson , Staff Writer

  If you have been following season 27 of “The Bachelor”, it is no secret that Zach Shallcross has made some questionable decisions during his time as the Bachelor. 

  From sending home women who bring up concerns in the name of avoiding drama to doing rose ceremonies over Zoom, Bachelor Nation has questions. 

   The universal question being who will Zach pick at the end, and will there be an engagement? 

  I am not eager to admit my lengthy viewing of reality television and have concerns my not yet fully developed brain has been impacted, but to say I am experienced may be the understatement of my life. 

  As a long-time watcher of “The Bachelor” and an even longer-time watcher of trashy reality TV, I can tell all the hints of an engagement are displayed right in front of the audience. 

  There are plenty of arguments from fans on if and who Shallcross will get engaged to but it almost always comes back to the personality of the Bachelor. 

  Shallcross, who was originally a contestant on season 19 of “The Bachelorette”, was ready to get down on one knee for Rachel Reccia, one of the Bachelorettes, but sent himself home after fantasy suites after getting to know Reccia better. 

  The decision to leave shocked fans and seemed like a cover-up but was never discussed between the two on camera. Shallcross went on to become the Bachelor, despite fan protests claiming he’s boring and has little to no personality. 

  The pick for Shallcross was controversial but fans stuck with him. The common rhetoric revolving around Shallcross is that he isn’t the worst person to walk the earth, but he certainly isn’t the best. 

  With over 50 seasons of various Bachelor series and millions of viewers, many recognize that the appeal of the show isn’t the individual or the contestants but the monsoon of melodrama that ensues. 

  As season 27 has progressed, Shallcross’ main personality trait seems to be that he is ready to settle down. Over and over, he has said that he is looking for his best friend, a life-long partner and someone with no hesitations. 

  During the sixth episode of season 27, the audience saw Shallcross send home Jess Girod for questioning why she hadn’t received a one-on-one date. With only eight women left during week 6, not receiving a one-on-one date by then is a typical indicator for the women to pack their bags. 

  The decision to send Girod home was not received well by Bachelor Nation with calls for Zach to be a better listener and to dial back the intensity. To put it lightly, Shallcross is ready to commit and doesn’t want to deal with any cold feet. 

  Shallcross has narrowed the original 30 women to just two: Gabi and Kaity. 

  Pictures of Gabi Elnicki with an assumed engagement ring being released mid-season put things in her favor but new claims say that Kaity Biggar wins Zach’s heart. 

  Biggar, originally from Canada, has expressed that she is all-in throughout the season, avoids drama and has recently moved to Austin, Texas, conveniently where Shallcross currently lives. She is hitting all the checkmarks for the Shallcross wife checklist.

  While I think Biggar will most likely walk out with a ring on her left hand, underestimating Elnicki could be a mistake for Bachelor nation considering she has seemed like Shallcross’ favorite through the season. 

  Despite not knowing which woman he will end up with, I am confident that Shallcross will leave with an engagement due to his insistence that his future wife is with him on this journey and his borderline obsession with settling down. 

  The final episode can be watched live or streamed on ABC on the upcoming Mondays at 7 p.m.

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