Women’s History Month Spotlight: UMKC’s Women’s Center


Photo by Chelsie Duckworth.

Angelique White, Staff Writer

 The UMKC’s Women’s Center has been around since 1971, and in honor of National Women’s History Month, individuals talk about why this community is important to them.

  Chelsie Duckworth is the senior program coordinator for the Women’s Center and helps her students propose event ideas such as their annual Trivia Tuesday, Sips & Sweets and Healing Arts Workshops.

  “I really like our physical space, it has a comfortable living room feel,” Duckworth said. “I also like the safe feeling it creates.”

  The ongoing gender wage gap has been widely discussed for decades. In efforts to help counteract this issue, the Women’s Center created an event titled “Equal Pay Day,” that collaborates with the university’s career and student disability services.

 “My favorite thing about the women’s center is interacting with all of the students, and watching all of them come out of their shell to become more educated on feminism and gender issues on campus,” said graduate student Allison Kendall.

  This annual celebration is an important time for us to remember empowered women such as Rosa Parks and Maya Angelou. By discussing and learning about their history, we keep their legacy alive and commemorate the changes they created in our society.

  “I love how open and welcoming the women’s center is,” said freshman Anabelle Obermaier. “I like that a lot of students come in and do their homework and interact with us.” 

  This month helps shape young girls by educating them on intersectional feminism and offering volunteering opportunities for individuals who want to be involved in this positive and powerful movement.

  To create a safe environment, it is important that the space is suitable for all women with different cultures and backgrounds. The Women’s Center provides all of that and more.

  To be a part of this supportive community and learn more about the program, find them in Haag Hall, room 105 and visit their website.

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