SGA rejects president’s hand-picked VP nominee

After turning down its first nominee, SGA continues its search for vice president


SGA Vice President Haaris Rehman resigned from his position in late January. Former SGA Chief of Staff Kayla Foht stepped down from her job just before Rehman. | Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Claire Powell, Staff Writer

  UMKC’s Student Government Association voted “no” to its president’s nominee for second-in-command on Feb. 20 at the Student Union Chambers.

  SGA President Tim Nguyen nominated second-year undergraduate Samuel Kim for vice president. Nguyen did not consult with other executive members for this decision.

  The B.A./M.D. student first presented himself on Feb. 6 to SGA. 

  Kim said he was asked to “try out VP.” That statement, along with Kim’s admission that he had yet to read the SGA constitution, raised concerns for several members. 

  “Nothing against you, I love your energy and intentions, but to not even read the job description and not have a resume,” Justice Horn, senator at-large and former SGA president, said to Kim. “What are we supposed to even vote on? Gut?”

  Kim returned to the Student Union Chambers on Monday. Almost unanimously, members expressed the stark contrast they saw in Kim’s preparation for this past meeting compared to Feb. 6. 

  Kim had read the constitution, stated his potential goals as vice president and had answers for most of the questions asked of him. This level of preparedness from Kim also showed at his committee hearing the night prior.

   Despite the positive shift in Kim’s demeanor, the senators voted to not confirm his role as vice president. 

  This decision was partially influenced by the group’s first impression of Kim. Some wondered if the nominee would have enough time for the position with his heavy involvement in other extracurriculars and his course load as a B.A./M.D. student.

  The student government recently lost two of its executive board members, the chief of staff and vice president. After last night’s vote, the vacancy for both positions lingers.

  SGA will return to the Student Union Chambers for its next meeting on Monday, March 6 at 6 p.m.

Other items on the Feb. 20 agenda included:

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