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Catia Montelongo, Writer

  In 2008, Iron Man became the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film released in theaters. What people didn’t know was that this was the start of a lifelong war between Marvel fans.

  With 34 films released to date, there will undoubtedly be opposing viewpoints.

  Let’s be honest, opinions are what keep the MCU moving forward. Here are a few unpopular MCU opinions no one wants to talk about. 

Is Loki Overrated?

Catia: Loki has been through a lot. He first finds out that he is not Odin’s legitimate son, and then finds out that his biological father abandoned him and left him to die. Not only that, but he grew up in the shadow of his older brother Thor, a future king. Loki and Thor fought for the throne only for Thor to end up surrendering it. Sure, Loki has made mistakes but because of this we truly see his character development. In the Disney+ television series “Loki”, we see that where he was once egocentric and self-centered, he has now found purpose, himself in the form of Sylvie.

Angel: Once a villain, always a villain. Loki is definitely a beloved fan favorite, although I don’t agree with his fanbase. Loki turned his brother Thor into a frog, brought Ragnarok to destroy Asgard, and shapeshifted into different characters to trick people into getting what he wanted. Loki is manipulative and showed numerous times that he only cares about himself.

Should Bucky Barnes have been the new Captain America?

Catia: We must keep in mind that Bucky Barnes has not always been called the Winter Soldier. After being captured by HYDRA, Bucky was used as a test subject for super soldier experiments. If it weren’t for the horrible treatment and manipulation caused by his time with HYDRA, he would still be the fun and young Bucky we met in “Captain America: The First Avenger”. Although he is not the man we once knew, he still manages to show loyalty, bravery, and honesty, all of these being qualities of a leader.

Angel: I believe that Bucky Barnes shouldn’t be the new Captain America. He clearly couldn’t control himself in the movie “Captain America: Civil War”, and it would be impossible for him to lead a team. He also waited too long to seek help after years of being tortured and brainwashed. Even though he develops into a much better character throughout the rest of the films, he is not in the right position to become a leader.

Who is the best Spider-Man?

Catia: Now that all three Spider-Men were in the same timeline for a day in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, it’s only right to have a debate about which one of the three heartthrobs is the best. Personally, I think Tom Holland has been doing an excellent job in the role. His age makes him ideally suited for the part. He is also funny, quick-witted, and is someone many teens can identify with. 

Angel: Andrew Garfield, aka Peter Parker, is the “Amazing” Spider-Man for a reason. He has a humor that is a chef’s kiss to the MCU, and has his crowd-pleasing moments on the screen in the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Not to mention he is quite the jokester. I think Garfield balances being the perfect Peter Parker and the Amazing Spider-Man. He had a mix of being a nerdy kid while also being self-assured. 

If only there was someone to defend Toby Maguire as Spider-Man…

Although it can be exhausting to talk about the different MCU viewpoints, it’s okay for us because we can do this all day.

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