Album Review: “Good News” by Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion released her debut studio album “Good News” on Nov. 20. (Genius)

Tyrionna Clardy

With her first album, “Good News,” Megan Thee Stallion finishes 2020 with a bang. After four successful mixtapes, Megan finally released her much anticipated debut album, which includes pre-released singles and several new tracks that remind us why we love Megan.

With 10 featured artists and 17 songs, Megan left it all on the table for this album. She collaborated with superstars like DaBaby, SZA and Beyonce, as well as lesser-known artists like Popcaan and Mustard. Each feature added just the right amount of spice and variety to Megan’s sound to make the album much better. 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she explained why she decided to go with the album name “Good News.”

“I titled it ‘Good News’ because, yes we’ve been having an extremely crazy year, and it felt like we were getting bad news back to back,” she said. “So I thought Megan Thee Stallion needs to drop some good news.”

The album includes plenty of upbeat sounds that will allow anyone to own the dance floor, like on the songs “Body” and “Intercourse.” 

This album was good, especially for a debut album, but it definitely did not top some of her mixtapes. The album seemed like a toned-down version of Megan, as if she was trying to make more people like her and grow her audience, rather than be totally and completely herself. 

One of the songs that differed from the rest was “Don’t Rock Me to Sleep.” It felt like department-store Muzak rather than the female-empowering club bangers Megan Thee Stallion is known for.

Due to the restrictions put in place because of the coronavirus this year, Megan and her team had to postpone many of the events and concerts she had planned. In June, she was shot in the foot, allegedly by rapper and friend Tory Lanez. However, this did not stunt her musical growth.

Despite the difficulties Megan faces from the shooting and the pandemic, she still has become a driving force for women all over the world to unapologetically embrace their womanhood.

In an interview with Apple Music, Megan said she prides herself on being a strong Black woman for other Black women to look up to.

“This year was a year for me where I felt like I wasn’t super protected,” she said. “So I definitely wanted to put a piece out so other women can feel empowered by what I’m saying, and other women can feel like, ‘Okay it’s not just me.’”

In the opening track, “Shots Fired,” she mentions how even though she got shot, she still wanted to protect the man who had shot her from getting hurt or in trouble with law enforcement. 

“If it wasn’t for me, same week, you would have been indicted,” she raps on “Shots Fired.”

Her first mixtape dropped in 2017. Megan went on to release a fan favorite, “Tina Snow,” in 2018, which put her on the map and drew the attention of record labels.

She went on to sign with the record label 300 Entertainment in November 2018.

At the time, Megan was still a full-time college student at Texas Southern University and remained in her classes despite her career taking off. 

From a full-time college student pursuing a BA in health administration to an international rap/hip-hop icon, Megan has proved time and time again that nothing can deter her from achieving her goals or satisfying her fans.

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