UMKC confirms discounts for student fees

Sam Bellefy

UMKC administration has confirmed they will credit 45% of the costs of parking permits, student activity fees, housing and meal plans back to student accounts.

In an email sent to the student body, the university stated that they are presenting the discounts as a form of financial relief for students during the coronavirus pandemic.

If a student has an outstanding balance on their account, the discounts will reduce that amount. If the balance is small enough (or the student does not owe anything to the university), the school will send a direct deposit or mailed check for the amount.

For parking, a 45% discount will apply to all passes purchased before Feb. 21. Those purchased after Feb. 21 will be refunded 100%. 

For an unlimited spring parking pass, the 45% discount would be $61.

The student activity fee, which is $33.82 per semester, will be discounted by $15.22.

The housing discount, which was offered before the others as an encouragement for students to move off-campus, will total 45% as well. However, it will only apply to students who move out before April 3. The dollar amount of the discount varies greatly depending on the type of housing the student paid for.

Dining plan balances will carry over to the next semester if the student moves off-campus by April 3. Those who do not live on-campus or request an exception will get a 45% discount, which totals $768 for the “15 Meal Plan.” 

UMKC administration added that they are still determining their course of action for spring graduation. They are also determining if they will implement a pass/fail system for the semester’s academic courses as a way to compensate for the shift to online-only learning.

“We appreciate your cooperation as we work through this unexpected and unprecedented situation in a way that we believe is most fair to the greatest number of students,” said the administration.

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