SGA had its final meeting of the year: Here’s what happened

With the school year coming to a close, the student government introduces chief justice, speaker of the senate

SGA Senator Shewit Abai makes her case as speaker of the senate. Despite earning 11 senators approval, Abai lost the position to Senator Brett Boyer by two votes.

Claire Powell, Staff Writer

  This past Monday marks the final meeting for the 2022-2023 Student Government Association. The student senators completed their last two agenda items April 24 in the Student Union Chambers.

  Here’s what SGA discussed:

  Supreme Court Chief Justice Confirmation 

Graduate law student Reid Parker has been selected as SGA supreme court chief justice. (Courtesy of SGA)

UMKC law student Reid Parker was appointed by SGA as its supreme court chief justice.

  Besides one “nay,” 26 senators approved Parker’s new position. The decision comes after six out of the seven justices were found serving passed their term in late March, leaving the court nonfunctioning.

  Interim SGA President Hayley Prins has nominated and won senate approval of three justices prior to Parker. At the last SGA bi-weekly meeting, political science undergraduates Dustin Thomas, Emily Sigman and Noah Fansler were confirmed as associate justices for the student body.

  Parker, who said he plans to become a judge after graduating, earned his bachelor of arts in political science in 2021 at Missouri State University and currently attends UMKC’s School of Law.

  Two associate justice seats have yet to be filled.


 Speaker of the Senate Confirmation

SGA appointed three associated justices April 10: (from top to bottom) undergraduates Emily Sigman, Dustin Thomas and Noah Fansler. The justices were introduced to students through an SGA newsletter. (Courtesy of SGA)

  Conservatory Senator Brett Boyer was selected by SGA as its speaker of the senate. 

  Boyer opposed School of Humanities and Social Sciences Senator Shewit Abai for the position. Out of 24 votes, 13 chose Boyer as speaker of the senate.

Recently confirmed Speaker of thee Senate Brett Boyer has served as an SGA senator the past two years. (Courtesy of SGA)

  During his 2022-2023 term, Boyer served as the chair of Internal Affairs Committee and presided over a couple senate meetings last semester as speaker of the senate. 

  Someone will fill the music major’s seat as the Conservatory senator. Despite having run unopposed for the position, Boyer said he already has a student in mind to take his place.

  SGA will resume its bi-weekly sessions when classes resume in the fall.

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