Press Play vol. 4: “You Haunt Me Like a Song I Can’t Escape”

(Alice Baxley)

Caleb Robbins

Press Play is my weekly series of (mostly) indie tracks from the barely discovered depths of corporate DSPs. All my recommended tracks are compiled into the Spotify playlist linked below, which is updated weekly.

SASAMI, “The Greatest”

As the lead single to her soon-to-be-released sophomore album, “Squeeze,” this amazing alt-rock track comes from the US-based singer/songwriter Sasami Ashworth. Throughout the track, she carries the burden of being on the wrong side of a breakup.

“I carry you around me like a chain / You haunt me like a song I can’t escape.”

I thoroughly enjoyed how the production elevated as the track went further, with SASAMI’s vocals still managing to come through with clarity.

Isaia Huron, “Fallen/DGYLA”

On this track, it features R&B singer/songwriter Isaia Huron navigating through the trauma of a past relationship and feeling apprehensive about entering a new one. I fell in love with the lyrics of this track because of its brutal honesty and relatability. You can feel Huron’s rollercoaster of emotions as he can’t help falling for the new lover. Yet, his past still haunts him as he begs repeatedly, “don’t you give your love away,” towards the end of the track.

MUNYA, “Cocoa Beach”

Made for listening to during night drives, this synth-pop track from Canadian artist MUNYA is about escaping into the unknown. The song is also accompanied by a rather strange music video of MUNYA having a day at the beach with an alien, which I think characterizes the careless nature of this entire track.

A$AP Rocky, “Demons”

On the tenth anniversary of A$AP Rocky’s career-defining debut mixtape, “LIVE.LOVE.A$AP,” he released it on all DSPs, to my excitement. Featuring classic tracks such as “Palace,” “Peso” and “Purple Swag,” this Southern hip-hop-influenced project features Rocky at his very best. My favorite track on this project is “Demons,” with its languid and atmospheric production along with Rocky’s trademark charismatic rapping style. The song highlights Rocky’s odyssey through his own vices and the consequences that come with them. 

UnoTheActivist, “Astral Plane (High As Me)”

From his recently released album, “Unoverse 3,” this track is a synth-trap banger. Heavily reminiscent of the production heard on Playboi Carti’s “Whole Lotta Red,” UnoTheActivist raps gleefully about his heavy drug use and repeatedly poses this question as if someone is handing out medals. 

“Who gets high as me? / I don’t know the answer.”

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