UMKC Women’s Center and InterUrban Arthouse team up to create “InterseXions and Identity” Art Exhibit

The “InterseXions and Identity” art exhibit is available for in-person or online viewing until April 16. (InterUrban ArtHouse)

Allison Harris

The UMKC Women’s Center and local art gallery InterUrban Arthouse are putting on an art exhibit this spring highlighting the unique experiences of women and femme-identifying artists in America. The show, viewable online or in person by appointment, is currently on display until April 16th. 

“The purpose of this show is to illustrate and celebrate the unique experiences and challenges female-identifying and non-binary femme artists face in America, as they bring together family, careers, activism and artistic fulfillment,” reads the show’s description. “What does it mean to identify, live, navigate or be perceived by society as Womxn in 21st century America?”

The art show features the work of 46 artists with a range of artistic and personal backgrounds. A number of mediums are also on display at the exhibit, including painting, photography, sculpture, fabric textiles and graphite. 

The InterUrban Arthouse, a non-profit organization in Overland Park founded in 2011, aims to “enrich the cultural and economic vibrancy of the community by creating a place where artists and creative industries can work and prosper in an affordable, sustainable and inclusive environment.” 

This is not InterUrban Arthouse’ first collaboration with the UMKC Women’s Center. In 2019, the assistant director of the Women’s Center, Arzie Umali, curated a show with the organization dedicated to featuring women artists who don’t get the same representation as male artists. 

“Women have created in all artistic fields, but when it has come to recognition, they’ve been left out, muted and overridden,” Umali said of the 2019 exhibit. “Throughout history, a lot of art created by women has been attributed to men. We’re half of the population, but our representation is not equal.”

To visit the exhibit in Overland Park, register at this link or view the virtual tour on the InterUrban Arthouse YouTube channel.

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