The 2021 Kansas City Chiefs mock draft

The Chiefs may have missed out on several good opportunities with free agency players, but here are some players they could pick in the draft to make up for it. (Sporting News)

Cristian Martinez

Kansas City had a so-so free agency, failing to bring in multiple free agent targets. Aside from signing Joe Thuney, Jarran Reed, Kyle Long and others, no one wanted to sign with Kansas City. 

The Chiefs missed out on players like JuJu Smith-Schuster, Trent Williams and K’Waun Williams. There were also other players that turned down the Chiefs, opting for short-term deals with other teams.

However, the 2021 NFL Draft is coming up on April 29, and it is a great resource for adding young, cheap options to an expensive roster like the Chiefs possess.

With eight picks, Kansas City must make up for a middling offseason by drafting future contributors. As of right now, the team really needs the following: offensive line help, a defensive end, a wide receiver and a linebacker. 

Here are some ideal picks that would help the Chiefs get the best out of the draft:

First Round

Pick #31 – Tevin Jenkins, OT, OSU

With Kansas City’s first pick, the Chiefs take the mauler out of Oklahoma State. 

Obviously, there is much to love about this pick. When watching the Oklahoma State versus Texas game this last season, there were many positives a fan could take away from watching Jenkins. 

This man probably has the strength to move boulders. Jenkins’ main blocking assignment was  potential first-rounder Joseph Ossai, who is viewed as a top pass rusher in the draft. Ossai tallied three sacks during the game, but Jenkins did not allow a single sack when lined up against the star. In fact, he did not allow a single sack in 582 pass-blocking snaps. 

Now there is more to his game besides strength. You can notice how he uses his hands to keep edge rushers busy. Jenkins possesses great balance, allowing him to gain positional advantage on opposing pass-rushers. He will ram anyone to the ground just to prove how hulkish he is.

Of course, there are concerns. Jenkins doesn’t have the ideal arm length. In addition, he must focus on his ability to mirror any edge rusher. That starts with his footwork. Overall, getting Jenkins would provide Kansas City with a starter who should continue to grow over time. 

Second Round

Pick #63 – Landon Dickerson, C, Alabama

After watching the offensive line get decimated in the Super Bowl, taking back-to-back offensive linemen can look like an overreaction. However, it is something that the Chiefs should look into.

Many people might be thinking that Dickerson may not be the same after suffering a torn ACL last season. However, before his injury, Dickerson was stellar in pass-protection. In the 2020 season, the Alabama product allowed only one sack, two hits and two hurries. 

That is pretty darn good. Physically, he has some similar features to Teven Jenkins. Both have great strength, gnarly finishers and can anchor their respective positions. Dickerson, though, is a mammoth. Weighing almost 330 pounds, Dickerson has good arm length and has the physical gifts that teams would desire. 

Dickerson showed his true potential against Tennessee this past season. When watching his tape, one can see how he uses these gifts and uses his intelligence to make essential blocks. During one play, Alabama lined up in a shotgun set with three wideouts spread across the field. Dickerson made way and cleared out defenders, opening up a huge lane for the running back and making room for Robinson Jr. to score. 

This is the kind of player the Chiefs are missing, one who can clear out the field by any means necessary. In the same game, Dickerson had the smarts to create double teams, showing he knows his role and his assignment. 

There is some room for concern, though. Dickerson’s ACL injury is the biggest problem. Making a comeback from an ACL tear can be tough, and can change any player if rehab does not go well. Dickerson also does not have the athleticism that one would want, and he only had one season of excellent play. 

Even with these problems, though, the Chiefs should take a chance on the Alabama product.

Third Round

Pick #94 – Jamin Davis, LB, Kentucky

Ever since the departure of Chiefs legends Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, the linebacker position has been mediocre. 

The team has tried to find replacements, and all of them have failed big time. For years, Kansas City has been craving some kind of improvement. With the rise of Willie Gay Jr., adding another linebacker with potential can elevate the position to new heights. 

Enter Jamin Davis. Hailing from the University of Kentucky, Davis is known for being a strong run stopper. In his 2020 season, Davis notched a total of 89 tackles, one sack, one forced fumble, two interceptions and scored one touchdown. Pretty nice for a player who was ranked No. 915 as a recruit coming out of high school. 

Davis had a great performance in particular against Vanderbilt in 2020. He has eye-popping athleticism, plays with an attitude and plays spritely. Davis would be a great off-ball player that matches up with Gay Jr. 

The problem with taking Davis would be that he was just a rotational player in college. He truly lacks starter experience and needs to work on coverage skills as well. If Davis wants to shine, he will need to dedicate his craft to expanding his coverage abilities. 

Regardless, Davis can make the Chiefs front seven more formidable.

Fourth Round

Pick #136 – Benjamin St. Juste, CB, Minnesota 

This is an interesting pick for the Chiefs.

While the cornerback position is not a major concern, adding someone like Benjamin St. Juste would help solidify the secondary. At 6’3 and with a wingspan of over 80 inches, St. Juste has the ability to blanket wide receivers. He is also a sure tackler. 

When watching games like Minnesota vs Maryland, you can notice some issues. Those include his speed, experience, footwork and hips. He seems clunky when he matches up with faster receivers, and fluidity is a must if he wants to play in the NFL. 

With development, he could contribute to Kansas City’s defense.

Pick #144 – Dax Milne, WR, BYU

Kansas City’s patience pays off with this selection. 

Dax Milne’s elusiveness makes corners look silly when the ball is thrown in his direction. He can track the ball nicely and has the ability to make the tough catches. Milne’s hands are even better. 

Not only does the tape show it, the stats show it too. The BYU product totaled 1,188 yards on 70 targets, averaging 17 yards per catch. In addition, Milne scored eight touchdowns. This will give Patrick Mahomes an option of this caliber that can turn heads in the NFL. 

Milne does not have an ideal body type, though. If Milne wants to improve, he must bulk up his upper body. Otherwise, physical and tough corners will toss him around like a ragdoll. 

Nonetheless, there is a lot to like about the former BYU wideout.

Fifth Round

Pick #175 – Joshua Kaindoh, EDGE, Florida State

After signing Jarran Reed, getting a pass rusher is not as important as it once was. 

Getting Joshua Kaindoh would allow Kansas City to work on his craft, and become a starter in the future. Against North Carolina, Kaindoh showed why he was a five-star recruit out of high school. The Florida State product has great athleticism, is bendier than a straw and looks like he was built in a super soldier lab. 

But having all those physical gifts did not translate to the college level. In four years, Kaindoh only managed to produce 8.5 sacks and 60 tackles. Seeing that production is very scary, which can lead to his ultimate fall in the draft. 

If he is still available at the end of the fifth round, the Chiefs should take him as a “project” pick. 

Pick #181 – Malcolm Koonce, EDGE, Buffalo

Why would the Chiefs take consecutive edge rushers?

Well, Malcolm Koonce is a great small-town athlete who should be given a chance. In his whole college career, he racked up 18 sacks, four forced fumbles and logged in a total of 109 tackles. 

From a physical standpoint, he is a bit undersized and does have nice arm length, something Steve Spagnuolo loves in any pass rusher. Koonce has the speed and explosion to beat tackles or guards. 

The knocks against him are crucial, however. He needs to show consistency with his pass rushing ability. As an NFL player, Koonce will have to learn new hand techniques to blow past offensive linemen, and must polish his play recognition. 

Overall, it would not hurt to see someone like Koonce fall into the Chiefs’ arms. 

Sixth Round

Pick #207 – Larry Borom, OT, Missouri

With Kansas City’s last pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Chiefs take a shot on a local offensive tackle.

Larry Borom was a key piece of Mizzou’s offensive line. He was a decent anchor against tough SEC pass rushers. He possesses great size, can use his hands properly and has the strength to keep up as well. 

However, Borom lacks the footwork to keep up with shifty defenders and possesses little leg strength. His hips have no fluidity either. All of these issues can lead to pass rushers creating pressure. There is so much he needs to work on if he wants a chance to start or even become a depth piece. 

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