Tribute: Remembering UMKC communications professor Jason Martin

Communication studies professor Jason Martin passed away on Feb. 3.

Leah Taylor

The communication studies department at UMKC has lost an outstanding faculty member, professor Jason Martin.  

Martin joined UMKC in 2011 as an assistant professor, later becoming an associate professor with tenure in the Communication Studies department. Both students and staff spoke highly of his work.   

“My colleagues and I miss his presence dearly,” UMKC professor Linda Kurz said. “Jason is a hard find. I will miss just walking past his office and knowing he would be there.”  

Cydney Evans, a UMKC senior majoring in communication studies, took time to reflect on her professor. 

“I heard so many good things about him,” Evans said. “That’s why I took his course.” 

According to Evans, Martin made his asynchronous course enjoyable to attend. She expressed how the sudden passing of her professor took a toll on her.  

Professor Kurz shared a fond memory of the first time she met Martin.

“I was actually the second person to meet Jason. I interviewed him for the job,” Kurz said. “I picked him up and we had lunch at the art museum.” 

Kurz characterized Martin as a kind and caring person and discussed the lessons she has learned from Martin. She expressed how Martin was there for anyone.

“Jason always reached out,” Kurz said.

Professor Jason Martin, you will be missed dearly.  

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