Super Bowl LV recap

The Kansas City Chiefs came up short versus Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV, losing 31-9. (CBS Sports)

Brandon Clark

The Kansas City Chiefs came up short versus Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV, losing 31-9.

With his 7th Super Bowl ring, Brady has now won more championships than any other player in the National Football League, putting an end to any of the “greatest of all-time” debates.

The loss comes as a shock to the Chiefs and their fans. Their almighty offense was absolutely nowhere to be seen, as Patrick Mahomes and the offense failed to score a single touchdown the entire game. 

Mahomes finished the game with 270 yards and two interceptions on 26-49 passing attempts. This performance is something Chiefs’ fans have never seen since Mahomes has taken over as the starting quarterback at Kansas City.

Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense were unable to get any momentum whatsoever against the Buccaneers defense. Before last night’s game, Kansas City had only punted once the entire postseason. Last night, they punted three times. 

The offensive line play was non-existent for the Chiefs. Mahomes had to run for his life on virtually every single down, running a total of 497 yards trying to avoid the Buccaneers’ pass rush. This was the most by any quarterback this season. 

Kansas City was the first team to score with a field goal by Harrison Butker with five minutes left in the first quarter. Brady responded with a touchdown pass to his favorite career target, tight end Rob Gronkowksi. 

Chief safety Tyrann Matheiu came up with a big interception in the second quarter off a tipped pass, but it was called back after a defensive holding penalty. From here, it seemed as if all or any momentum for Kansas City vanished. Flags were called on Kansas City left and right, with three big calls on third and longs for the Buccaneers where it seemed like Kansas City was going to get stops.

Brady went on to throw two more touchdown passes, one to Gronkowski, and another in the closing seconds of the second quarter to wide receiver Antonio Brown. The Chiefs were only able to come away with one more field goal from Butker in the first half. 

Any hopes of a revitalized second half of football for Kansas City was put to an end after their offensive and defensive play continued to fall apart in front of the eyes of its viewers. Tampa Bay outscored Kansas City 10-3 in the second half and its first drive concluded with a 27-yard touchdown run from running back Leonard Fournette. Kansas City’s only second half points came from kicks by Butker. 

This was not the outcome Chiefs fans had in mind, but a game against Brady is never an easy one, especially when your offensive line can’t give their star-studded quarterback any time or room to throw. 

Mahomes did everything he could and displayed a great amount of courage. In the end, the Chiefs came up short and Brady was once again holding up the Lombardi trophy.

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