Photo Essay: Trump supporters and anti-Trump protestors meet at Mill Creek Park

Gabrial Nell

Hundreds of people rode through Kansas City on Saturday during a car parade in support of President Trump. Drivers were met by anti-Trump protesters near Mill Creek Park, where seven protesters were arrested, most for disorderly conduct.

The ride-along started at 2 p.m. at the Liberty Memorial, where riders then drove south through the Country Club Plaza.

This weekend’s demonstration is the first of six more pro-Trump events planned in the Kansas City metropolitan area, according to the organizer’s Facebook page.

Two protesters hold up their signs at Mill Creek Park. The sign on the left shows a swastika made from President Trump’s name, while the sign on the right reads “HEY TRUMPERS… BLM (…GET OVER IT).”
Numerous protesters carried pro-Biden campaign signs throughout the ride-along.
The Kansas City Police Department made several arrests during the ride-along, citing disorderly conduct among protesters. KCPD also flew a helicopter above the protest.
Drivers and protesters frequently yelled expletives at each other. While there were a few fights, police quickly broke them up.
Pro-Trump drivers hold up four fingers, which signifies their desire for the president to have four more years in office. This contrasts to protesters, who frequently held up the middle finger to the drivers.
Mill Creek Park and the Country Club Plaza has been the host of massive police protests throughout the summer, sparked by the death of George Floyd.

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