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Amidst the festive spirit of St. Patricks Day, the iconic symbol of luck, the clover, reminds us of the rich traditions and celebrations honoring Irish heritage.
Exploring St. Patrick's Day Alternatives in Kansas City
Aydan Stigler and Grace BeshoreMarch 14, 2024

  The annual St. Patrick's Day celebration is just around the corner, and with celebration comes large crowds.    The annual city parade...

Visit the City Market to explore local vendors.
Smart Saving Strategies for a Wallet-Friendly Spring Break
Emily Wheeler, Staff Writer • March 14, 2024

  UMKC students are ready for the upcoming week-long spring break, but are their wallets?   From travel adventures to staycations, spring...

Earth Mother by Sheron Smith
Her Art/Their Art Explores the Female Experience in the 21st Century
Elyse Bredfeldt, Staff Writer • March 12, 2024

  Her Art/Their Art is a collection that aims to answer the question: “What does it mean to identify, live, navigate, or be perceived by society...

Nina Simone: Four Women” playbook.
The KC Rep’s “Nina Simone: Four Women” is both timeless and poignant.
Maisy Blanton, Staff Writer • March 5, 2024

  The Kansas City Repertory Theater (KCRep) recently performed “Nina Simone: Four Women.” The show follows musician Nina Simone as she...

Around 1 million people were estimated to be in attendance at the parade.
One Dead, Several Injured During Chiefs Parade
Zach Gunter and Jazlyn SummersFebruary 14, 2024

Update:   As of 2:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon, the number of those injured at the Union Station shooting after the Chiefs Super Bowl parade...

Circles: Album Review


Mac Miller had a tumultuous first half of 2018 that saw him go through a very public split with long-time girlfriend Ariana Grande and a DUI charge. In August of that year, he released his fifth album “Swimming”. This album, despite the seemingly downward spiral he was in, was an overtly optimistic one in which Miller rapped almost solely about positive mental health and how he felt okay.

This made his sudden passing barely a month later all the more tragic. 

The music world mourned the 26-year-old as his story seemed to come to a sudden, unfinished end. However, Miller still had a few things left to say which comes in the form of the posthumous album “Circles”.

This issue with posthumous albums is that they often come off as exploitative, but thankfully, this is anything but the case with “Circles”.

Already partially recorded at the time of his passing and finished by musician Jon Brion, every track on the album is rich, layered and full of substance. It’s nothing like the cheap cash grabs these types of albums tend to be.

“We simply know that it was important to Malcolm for the world to hear it,” Miller’s estate said when they announced the project.

The most standout aspect of the album is the production. Every single song has something special that digs into your ears and touches the soul

From the plucky, calm guitars of “Good News” to the punchy folk sound of “That’s On Me” or the glitzy, synth groove of “Complicated” and especially the song “Blue World,” which takes a 1950’s jazz sample and distorts into a funky electro beat, every instrumental is inventive and cool, giving you no choice but to bop your head.

Miller forgoes rapping for most of the project, opting to sing. In the past, his singing was inconsistent to say the least, but on “Circles”, it’s greatly improved. Whether this is due to some music magic employed by Brion or Miller finding his voice is unclear, but the end result is heartbreakingly passionate.

In spite of the sad circumstances surrounding the album, Miller’s lyrics are once again mostly optimistic but in a more mature and complex way than on “Swimming.”

Miller paints himself as a man that’s tired, as a man looking for a way to make things better. He understands that there’s little he can do about who he is (“I cannot be changed, no, trust me I’ve tried,” Miller sings in the opening track) but every song is still imbued with the hope of something more.

It’s a brave and honest take on “being okay.” Miller’s pain and past are ingrained into his bones, there’s nothing he can do, but he isn’t wearing a perpetual frown. Pain changes a person and the way to reconcile that isn’t to ignore it and smile but to understand the reality and persevere. While there’s no way to confirm if this was Miller’s mental state at the end of his life, that’s the feeling the music gives.

If there’s one complaint to be had, it’s that it’s not very cohesive as an album, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s a simple collection of songs that radiates good vibes. It’s bittersweet, sure, but it’s also a fulfilling, enlightening and beautiful ending to Miller’s story.

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