Keep out: Flooding at Atterbury forces staff to relocate

Sam Bellefy

In her 16 years working at UMKC, Kate Wozniak had never seen anything like it. 

“I heard a big loud wooshing, you know, and thought it was nothing,” said Wozniak, the assistant director for UMKC’s study abroad program. “But, all of a sudden, water started coming into my office.” 

Wozniak’s office quickly became waterlogged. People from around the Atterbury Student Success Center (ASSC) joined in saving objects from the oncoming water. As they worked, water continued to spread across the floor. 

According to a statement from UMKC, “The cause of the flooding was the failure of a plugin a pressurized domestic water line above the ceiling in one of the restrooms on the second level.” 

A large swath of the ASSC ground floor was soaked. The cafeteria and barbershop were affected but quickly resumed operations. 

Other offices were not so lucky, however. 

The offices of International Student Affairs, International Academic Programs and the School of Medicine advising all had to be relocated. 

International Student Affairs was moved to the second floor of ASSC, the School of Medicine advisors was relocated to the Miller-Nichols Library and International Academic Programs was welcomed onto the fourth floor of Cherry Hall by the Honors College, who lent them some temporary offices. 

Despite the temporary accommodations made for the affected offices, the flooding has caused a few problems for students.

“It’s been stressful for students with our deadlines,” said Wozniak, as students filing applications for foreign universities have had to contend with the disruption the flooding brought. 

The ground floor of ASSC now resembles a construction zone. A large tarp with a “KEEP OUT” sign hangs in front of the affected area. Behind it, the flooring has been removed. 

According to the university, construction crews have finished cleaning up and sanitizing the flooded area, removing any mold and mildew. Now, work has begun on restoring the offices to allow those affected to return, but not everyone is all that eager to do so. 

Wozniak and her fellow staffers in the Office of International Academic Programs are enjoying the windows in their new offices. However, the university expects the repairs to be completed by winter break. 

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