Monday, August 8, 2022

UMKC’s offense comes up empty, ends their season on back-to-back loses

Kansas City women’s soccer laid two giant goose eggs against #39 ranked Denver earlier this week, failing to score in either of their two games. The Roos unfortunately end their season on a 4-12-1 record. 

The Roos once again could not keep up with their opponent offensively, who only had seven total shots. Their lack of scoring is a trend that has been prominent in the last month. 

From March 5 to April 11, Kansas City had only scored six goals in 10 games. In comparison, during that same time span, the Pioneers scored a total of 14 times. 

Throughout the season, the Roos offense could not pull anything together. The lack of assists and chemistry proves the idea that the team should train on effective ways to score. They must find new gameplans designed for each opponent. If Kansas City does not, the Roos may continue to lose games next season. 

In terms of defense, the team played at their best. Against a top 50 scoring team, Kansas City only allowed two goals over the course of both games, despite Denver having 31 chances to score. 

These numbers demonstrate that the defense has improved as the season developed. It may have taken a while, but the defense finally found chemistry and understood their assignments. 

Kansas City’s greatest strength in the final stretch was goalkeeper Mackenzie Caldwell. She ranked in the top 100 in saves per game and notched a total of 59 saves in 13 games. It may have taken some time for her to find her groove, but she got the job done during crucial moments. 

While the Roos record is not impressive, first year coach Jess Smith gave it her all. With one year under her belt, she can now focus on the future. If she wants to see the team improve significantly, scoring is crucial. If a squad cannot back up the defense, then it can put more pressure on the opposition. Even an okay offense can do miracles for a good defense. 

Coach Smith must also develop Caldwell. She has clearly shown improvement over a bad season. If Kansas City stays patient, they may get an excellent goalie to anchor its defense. Next season should be promising. 

The Roos will return to the pitch in August, giving them enough time to train for what is to come.

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