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A photo of the artist.

Pushing the Boundaries

Julius Briscoe, Staff Writer
April 24, 2024

  In the heart of Kansas City’s bustling music scene resides a unique figure known as God’s Computer.   Liam O’Hara, as he is known offstage, is not your average musician.    I had the opportunity to delve into the mind behind the music and explore the creative...

Kansas City’s budget allocated millions to support zero-fare buses, but the pandemic disrupted funding plans. Now, the debate continues on whether to reinstate fares.

Opinion: RideKC’s Fare-Free Fiasco

Julius Briscoe, Staff Writer
April 10, 2024

  There is much to criticize about the RideKC public transportation system, but the price of a ride hasn’t been a grievance since March 2020 when Kansas City buses went zero fare.   However, it has recently come to a vote on whether or not RideKC will continue to operate...

Many voters have spoken out against the vote.

Opinion: Stealing Home

Julius Briscoe, Staff Writer
March 30, 2024

  If you are in search of a monument to consumption, look no further than the Kansas City Royals.   If you want to see a culture fall apart, give them the ability to move their baseball stadium to the Crossroads district.    Hiding behind the successful Kansas City Chiefs,...

Many have already decided they will vote no on April 2

Take Me Out To The Cultural Graveyard

Julius Briscoe, Staff Writer
March 10, 2024

Since 1973, Kauffman Stadium has been the heart and soul of the Kansas City Royals. Every swing and cheer has woven a tale of baseball glory and unwavering fan devotion.   Situated in the heart of Jackson County, Kauffman Stadium has been the site of many historic moments....

The 2024 Super Bowl had 123.7 million viewers across various platforms.

Opinion: Wimpiness Killed the Super Bowl Star

Julius Briscoe, Staff Writer
February 18, 2024

  As the Super Bowl approached with the promise of an epic showdown, many viewers eagerly anticipated a different battle off the field – the clash of creativity between brands during the commercial breaks.   The game has worked as a perfect stage to capture the attention...

Guhr is working on new music for the future with hopes to find stability in the KC music scene.

XURA: A Unique Sound in the Modern Music Medley

Julius Briscoe, Staff Writer
February 4, 2024

  Known for crafting emotive tracks that blend pop-punk, dark-pop and Victorian punk rock, XURA has always had plans to make a statement in the music industry with his distinctive sound.   XURA, known offstage as Hayden Guhr, knew from early on that he wanted to pursue...

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