Kansas City Roos sign deal with INFLCR, an NIL technology program

The new NIL program will help student-athletes financially.

Afnan Hussain, Staff Writer

  Kansas City Athletics can guide and support their student-athletes to monetize their personal brand with INFLCR, a leading Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) technology platform.

  The website signed a deal with Kansas City on Feb. 13.

  The platform creates a seamless experience for student-athletes to maneuver through networking and communication with businesses, donors, individuals and other collectives. 

  “The KC Roos Exchange will undoubtedly allow us to compete in this hyper-competitive era of college athletics,” Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Dr. Brandon Martin said. “This technology will also provide a centralized and user-friendly platform to access.”

  Companies can regulate business deals with student-athletes. Endorsements via social media or traditional media outlets, public appearances, entrepreneurial activities, in-kind deals, signing autographs and holding private lessons are new avenues of profits for students. 

  To register for the app, businesses or individuals must first be approved by compliance officers appointed by the universities. Once authorized, these businesses are directed to a categorized search engine. Communication between the athletes and their interested business partners is done directly through the app. This allows for a smooth negotiation process by eliminating many departments that usually facilitate NIL deals. 

  One of the positives of the INFLCR app is that once a deal is struck, the payment process is effortless. The app processes all payments fee-free with direct deposit to the student-athlete. Adhering to all NIL policies, the platform has an automatic “disclosure to the INFLCR Verified Compliance Ledger ” when the transaction between the student-athlete and the business is completed. 

  Coaches and members of the athletic departments are not allowed to negotiate deals or contracts, but they may assist student-athletes in their NIL-related opportunities through the platform. The institutions and the platform itself do not receive any revenue from the transactions done in the KC Local Exchange. 

  Director of Communications for Kansas City Athletics’ Jerod Fox highlighted the importance of the new deal reached with the ever-growing website.

  “Kansas City Athletics’ partnership with TeamWorks and INFLCR has proven to be fruitful in many ways, especially as we poise our student-athletes to succeed in the NIL era,” Fox said. “The addition of the KC Roos Exchange is yet another useful tool in the toolbox.”

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