SAGA Spooky Drag Show


Maleigha Billings, Writer

Photos by Maleigha Billings/RooNews

 With Halloween around the corner, on Thursday, Sept. 29, UMKC’s Sexuality & Gender Alliance Council hosted a “spooky” drag show.

  “My motivation is pretty much just to have fun,” sophomore biology major and primary coordinator Sam Justice said. “We want to spread awareness about how drag queens and kings have overcome so much… We’re just trying to show how they’re harmless. There’s nothing to be scared of.” 

  While the drag queens and kings themselves didn’t give the audience a fright, students said they watched a killer performance. 

  “The show was absolutely amazing,” junior sociology major Katherine Salazi said. “The performers were so cool, and I was starstruck by them.” 

  For these performers drag is all about self expression and coming together. The show featured many diverse acts, some were trans, new performers, and drag kings. 

 “The drag queens did an excellent job getting everyone hyped for the amazing performances they had planned, and making the audience feel a part of the show as well,” sophomore creative writing major Maddy Hunts said. “Overall it was an incredible experience!”

  Drag queens and hosts Lana Luxx and Cynthia Doll both said they love performing at universities, as the students tend to welcome them with open arms. 

  “The show is always so special when it comes to colleges, because we don’t really get to see that much support in a queer space,” Doll said. “When I was in high school, I didn’t feel like I had much support. As time goes on, you see a bigger support system. That means less bullies; [and] more people coming together, being allies and realizing that it’s not that bad to be expressive of yourself and having a stage for performers like us.”

  Luxx has performed at UMKC three times, all of which she said she enjoyed.

  “The turnout tonight was outstanding, and it made me so happy to see the room full,” Luxx said. “I’m just so glad to do drag in front of so many younger audiences and hopefully inspire them to be themselves and live their truth.”