UM System reduces paid time off, approves UMKC expansions


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UMKC campus entrance.

Elliott Smith, Writer

The University of Missouri System Board of Curators held their yearly meeting on Sept. 7 at UMKC. The board approved controversial changes to faculty leave programs, along with approving major infrastructure expansions for UMKC. 

Faculty Paid Time Off Reductions, Changes

The most anticipated discussion point on the agenda was the proposed change to the UM System’s paid leave programs that would effectively cut 10 days of paid time off for faculty.

Under the approved proposal, over 13,000 UM employees’ vacation, sick and personal days will be thrown out in favor of a single “paid time off” category. 

The plan also allows for a four week parental leave and a two week caregiver leave; both paid at 100% income replacement. A 20 week, short-term disability leave will be covered at only 60% income replacement.

Taking effect in 2024, Curator Keith Holloway said the new plan contains some “significant changes” to the current system and that the board has worked diligently for months to reach an agreement.

However, not everyone is pleased with the changes. 

The day before the meeting, which took place at UMKC’s Student Union, 30 hourly UM system employees held a protest against the leave proposal on campus, organized by LIUNA 955, a UM labor union chapter.

Protests occurred at all four UM campuses, after the board’s vote. The MU Faculty Council formally disagreed with the adoption of this plan as well.

UMKC Expansions and Renovations

With its recent approval, UMKC will continue to work towards the construction of a $14.5 million facility at Mosaic Life Care in St. Joseph, Missouri. 

The campus will serve as a significant regional hub for rural medicine education, allowing the St. Joseph facility to grow up to 80 students at full capacity. 

The funding for the building comes from federal grants and state appropriations. The project report states that the building is expected to be completed in 2025.

UMKC also received funding from UM System investments to further develop the Volker campus. 

Chancellor C. Mauli Agrawal said there is still a long way to go on this project, but that if completed, it would transform the campus.

These funds would also be used to establish a tribute area for Divine 9, historical Black Greek Letter organizations, near Newcomb Hall and for renovations for the quad.

The governor-appointed board oversees the four campuses of the University of Missouri (UM) System: the University of Missouri – Columbia, the Missouri University of Science and Technology, the University of Missouri – Kansas City, and the University of Missouri–St. Louis. 

To view the livestream of the meeting, click here.

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