Coronavirus disrupts spring breaks for students

Sarah Abney

During spring break, you can find most college students at crowded beaches, music festivals and maybe even ski resorts. However, the coronavirus has made it difficult for many college students apprehensive of the pandemic to justify the trip.

Recently, the state of Florida has closed beaches and all nightclubs to inhibit coronavirus transmission. The closures of other hot spot vacation locations across the nation are increasing every day.

UMKC junior Reece Kane travels frequently to other countries because of his passion for photography and videography, but the virus did not spare his travel plans from disruption. Before the virus had spread, Kane planned to visit Kauai, Hawaii. Now, he plans to stay closer to home.

“We decided that we didn’t want to be stranded somewhere that we couldn’t get back from, so we decided to stick to mainland America and go to another lowkey spot to camp, surf and fish to stay away from crowds,” Kane said.

Kane is staying far away from social scenes, following the CDC’s recommendation against gatherings of over 10 people. “You definitely won’t see me at places like bars anytime soon, and I think that for those who can’t stop themselves from going to the bars for a couple of weeks while this thing dies down, you may be part of the bigger problem,” Kane said.

Kane emphasized that young adults have a responsibility to help stop the spread of the virus.

 “In one way or another, it impacts us all,” Kane said.

Grant Weaver, a UMKC student in his senior year, was looking forward to his last year of spring break.

“As my school career is starting to come to a close, I want to take advantage of as much free time as I have before I graduate,” said Weaver.

Weaver considered risking a trip during the coronavirus outbreak. However, he was left with no choice once Breckenridge, Colorado closed the ski resort he planned to go to. After the closure, Weaver decided it was best to cancel his travel plans.

“My friends and I do take into consideration others with potentially weaker immune systems, so we have been practicing social distancing,” Weaver said.

According to health professionals, it is critical for college students to practice social distancing in order to diminish the transmission of the coronavirus. This includes canceling treasured plans to relax and unwind in faraway places.

Hopefully next spring break, college students can travel once again. Until then, students should spend their spring break vacations at home and practice social distancing.

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