Album Review: Mike Dean’s “4:23” Takes You to New Realms


Photo by Kenzie Eklund/RooNews.

Brandon Clark, Staff Writer

  Legendary music producer, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist and musician Mike Dean released his latest electronic synth album, “4:23”.

   The album has a total running time of 42 minutes and features 13 tracks, four of which also feature The Weeknd, who has co-executive producer credits on the album. The Weeknd is featured on songs “Artificial Intelligence,” “Defame Moi,” “More Coke!!,” and “Emotionless.”

  The album was highly anticipated for the two weeks after its announcement and currently sits at #1 on the Apple Music charts for electronic music.

  This is Dean’s fourth studio album released by himself and comes as a predecessor to his 2020 album “4:20” and 2021 album “4:22.” Both albums are also electronic synth albums.

  The album is an experience that hurls you through space and time as each song perfectly transitions into the next. The production is centered around Dean’s signature pioneering synth composition skills featuring massive pad sounds, reverbed leads, synth basses, ear-candy textures and his masterful engineering expertise when it comes to each song’s mix, of course.

  This is one of those albums that you listen to while lying down in bed with your headphones on, eyes closed, fully allowing the sounds to encapsulate you as the listener. The ideal listening space would be a stadium or the Kauffman Center. Places with plenty of space to be filled with harsh, glimmering and spaced-out sonics.

  Dean has been involved in the music industry for nearly four decades, and if you don’t know who he is, there’s almost a 100% chance he has touched songs by some of your favorite artists.

  Take an hour to sit down and do nothing while having this album play. I promise you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a movie.

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