UMKC Students Love Climbing


Catia Montelongo

UMKC students practicing their climbing skills at Sequence Climb.

Catia Montelongo, Staff Writer

  UMKC has a climbing club of around 30 members that appreciate the sport’s challenge, openness and liveliness. 

  Given that the group has grown, junior president and business management major Maggie Schoemehl wants to continue sharing her passion with others.

  Schoemehl became president of the climbing club this past fall. She oversees the annual budget and contributes to the preparation of two to three events each semester.

  The current leader expressed gratitude towards Sequence Climb, a local climbing gym that collaborated with the club to conduct activities over the semesters. 

  “Climbing is a very community-based sport and Sequence Climb does a fantastic job at creating that atmosphere,” Schoemehl said. “Which is why I think I’ve stuck with it.” 

  Quinn Spear, a health science major, experienced climber, and current vice president of the club shares his encounter with the gym. 

  “Sequence Climb is personally my favorite climbing gym in Kansas City,” Spear said. “I  appreciate them partnering with us since our [recreation] center doesn’t have a wall and we have to outsource that kind of activity.”

  Spear continued to describe what he does as a leader to get others involved.

  “I try to make it more of a social thing,” Spear said. “It is a very interactive activity and a great way to get out there.”

  Schoemehl urges students to try the club regardless of any prior experience.

  “We love first-time climbers,” Schoemehl said. “We have a lot of people try it once and fall in love with it, that’s what happened to me.” 

   The pair explains that the only requirement for bouldering -without harness or ropes- are climbing shoes and chalk. For taller walls, climbers would just have to add a harness. 

  Schoemehl suggests that when climbing, concentration should be on the feet and legs rather than arms alone, which can quickly use up energy.

  Keep up with the climbing club through their Instagram, Roo Groups, or Discord

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