Review: Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “Daisy Jones and the Six” Novel to TV Adaptation


Kenzie Eklund

Photo by Kenzie Eklund/RooNews.

Kenzie Eklund, Lifestyle and Culture Editor, Staff Writer

  Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel “Daisy Jones and The Six” has was recently adapted into an Amazon Prime original series, and fans of the book will not be disappointed.

  The show brings the characters to life in a way that stays true to the book’s essence while also adding a new dimension to their purpose.

  The book tells the story of a fictional rock band in the 1970s, following their rise to fame and the personal and professional dramas that come with it.

  The narrative is told through a series of interviews with the band members and others who were close to them, creating a sense of intimacy and immediacy that draws the reader in.

  The TV adaptation takes a similar approach, using a combination of the interviews and dramatized scenes to tell the story.

  The casting is spot-on, with Riley Keough delivering a standout performance as the titular Daisy Jones. Her portrayal captures the character’s charisma, vulnerability and rebellious spirit, making her a force to be reckoned with on and offstage.

  The other members are equally well-cast. Billy Dunne (Sam Claflin), the lead singer and songwriter, and the rest of the band members bring their own unique personalities and quirks to the screen.

  The chemistry between the actors is palpable, and it’s easy to believe that they really are a band that has been together for years.

  One of the strengths of the book was its ability to capture the spirit of the 1970s music scene, and the show does an excellent job of bringing that world to life.

  The costumes, hair and make-up are all flawless, and the soundtrack is filled with classic rock songs that will have viewers tapping their feet along with the music.

  What really sets the TV adaptation apart is its ability to delve deeper into the character’s emotions and motivations. While the book was told from a variety of perspectives, the show is able to give each character more screen time and a chance to shine.

  This presents an opportunity for a more nuanced exploration of their relationships, their pasts and their struggles with addiction, fame and personal demons.

  The show also makes some changes to the book’s plot that, while minor, add a new layer of complexity to the story. For example, the series expands on the relationship between Daisy and her best friend Simone, adding a new dimension to Daisy’s character and giving her story more depth. There are also some changes to the ending that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, even if they’ve already read the book.

  The TV adaptation of “Daisy Jones and the Six” is a triumph. Whether you’re a fan of the book, or new to the story, this is a series that shouldn’t be skipped.

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